[Quote] Chea! And Crooks stole Versace's logo...

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[Quote] One Anthem got the Grey/Cream Shawl

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First, I think "designer" is misused nowadays especially in the "streetwear" scene. Let's get some stuff straight... You are not a designer: 1. just because you own a Mac 2. have a copy of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in your computer 3. have a scanner 4. your mom telling you that you have "great" artistic skills. Yeah, I agree to a certain point that a design education is overated but people who got that raw talent is also very slim(ex. Jonas-LRG). It's like saying theres a lot of great ballers out there but not all them make it to the NBA. Theres a lot of great designers but not all of them can make it. A lot of people who went to tech schools, 2 year colleges or learned on their own do not get the same knowledge nor are their designs any good if they were to go to a good design school. But there is always an exception but very slim. When you go to a good school you don't learn the programs... they teach you type, good aesthetic design, etc. Also, a good designer that has a Graphic Design degree is Shepherd Farley who owns Obey. There are a few people in the industry that have good talent and it shows on their designs and their are a lot that are surving because of pure "hype". A lot brands make it because of "hype" and it's not base on good "design". There are a lot more "hyped" up brands than actual good legit design brands. I could name a lot brands right now that is just putting out trash but people are riding them because they got the name behind them. But that's a whole new topic. My thing is if you want to make it in "streetwear" scene have a good marketing sceme.

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Maybe someone can help me out... Anyone know what brand makes the new era style fitted hat with the Jewish Star of David on it?? thanks

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daaannng, those glasses must weight a grip...good thing she got that nose to hold em up!

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I like this one...and its marked way down [URL]

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[Quote] Yeah, if you are into guns and over killing the Versace logo... chea!

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[Quote] Yeah, I agree with Tommyroks... I'd like to see pics... I don't know why people automatically assume it's Artful Dodger when they see crazy all over prints on hoodies...

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One Anthem just got the Allante Hoodies. Don't forget to click on my link to when you purchase it. Peace!

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AD is hella fresh! It's expensive but your paying for quality. There some people who pay for $200+ for regular sweatshirts just because it's hyped up.

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yo everyone- One Anthem just got their 1st shipment of L&D

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anyone know of any sites that specialize in New Era hats (all collab and various brands)?? maybe this doesn't exist bless up

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it has bootyons try this: [URL] somewhat similar I guess

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Yo, I’m on the ONE ANTHEM street soldiers team so if you shop there use the following link & rep code to get 20 percent off! And, I'll earn points. Code: OM10 Click here for 20% off: [URL] bless up

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