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I currently have the Nikon d3000. But I just find the low light quality of pictures kinda lacking no matter how I configure it. Also the megapixel is only 10.1. I recently just bought the Sony nex f3 and its a great camera overall, but some photos I'm kinda having a harder time to focus. The Sony is only a micro 4/3 so it's not as versatile as a dslr. I'm just not too sure whether I should keep the Sony and sell the Nikon d3000 on Craigslist, or should I just return the Sony

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this movie was so fucking scary. it is definitely a classic in the horror genre, and prob one of the best horror films in years. the way the movie was executed thru subtle use of diversion where the camera follows the character thru a room, but as well have the background and foreground provide many scares along gives the movie a very clever maneuver of the genre. please post comments and reviews for this epic horror film

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is anyone else experiencing slow internet speeds, page loading, and download speeds such as from mega uploads? i heard the earthquake severed several cables that connect japan with U.S

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[URL] can anyone id the background violin instrumentals near the end of clip thanx

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anyone know where those banksy pieces are located? i wanna see 'em in person for once

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Can't believe no one made a thread for this great show yet I think the writing from the plots/side stories, to the jokes and randomness is all better than the current family guy. last night's episode " Merlot Down Dirty Shame" was jokes. Rogers gotta be one of the best comedy characters ever made. roger- ( to the old bar tender whore)- " put on your favourite disney land sweatshirt, we're going on a date!" this is one of the classic roger episodes [URL] roger- " the name's Jeenie Gold, wedding planner, and survivor"

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i was checking my stats on my photobucket, and some of my pictures have been used on some random sites. When i check those sites, i've never been able to find how they used my pix. anyone else notice their pix being hyperlinked on foreign sites?

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i normally use warez now for my downloading needs, but soemthings I still need torrents. any other torrent sites with decent download speeds ? thanx

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[Image] does anyone kno who this is? thanx

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Please post anything related to the magazines here part of Smart magazine nov 09 [Image]

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looking for a pair of visvim fbt black 9.5-10.5. depends on the sizing of the shoe and how long it is. GET AT ME

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i lost my ipod and computer recently due to my room mate leaving the door unlocked, and having most of our things ending up stolen. I need to regroup everything i've lost, any good songs from the past decade you could recommend me. mostly more main stream songs, urban pop, rnb, hiphop, alternative. any way you guys can just copy and paste your playlists/ music collection so i could remember which songs i liked/ had, and would like to re download. thanx everyone in advance for your help, losing my computer was like losing part of my life.

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anyone familiar with the cowan s9 or samsung p3 [Image] i'm not comparing the screens, cause i know the itouch has the best screen, but in sound quailty it's between the s9 and p3. Wondering if anyone has either/ both and could give me some advice on which one is better for me to get. thanx

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