its two degrees, a five years program and really hard to get into to. Also u still need a portfolio.

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nah Vice did it too

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Animal death saddens me especially when I am eating meat. It sucks because i don't know if the conditions of the farm were inhumane or if it suffered for my consumption. I feel like I should kill a cow or chicken just once so i can experience what it is like and not take it for granted. Human death saddens me too but I am also desensitizes because of the news, movies, videogames, worldstar etc

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please put chief keef in an episode

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[Image] she has to put some weight on though...

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lol yall doing these for free smh.

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[Quote]but honestly Superman and Batman are the modern equivalent to Hercules and Odysseus. Comic books are the modern day mythology.

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[Quote]but all of kubricks movies were not well received by critics initially.

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I honestly think he just browses the homepage.... smh at this dude feeling salty about internet trolls. I don't think he knows what a troll is and claims to be the "Steve Jobs" of culture.

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he always talks like that his regular voice is very high pitch soft spoken and jay-z voice as well .

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rappers need to stop making sequels to classic albums.

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don't ever have a daughter.

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[Image] smokeyface

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RAZR had the cleanest phone design.

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didnt like it.

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