The approach to each of these albums couldn't be more different. Get Rich or Die Trying carries a nostalgic/sentimental value, and is a classic album for sure. He got 3-5 radio hits from it, and had every possible outlet on smash. I still bump it to this day. Many Men is my favorite cut. With that said Good Kid Maad City doesn't stand a chance as Kendrick Lamar is not necessarily a commercially viable artist built off beef with the whole macho rap superstar angle. That shit sells to the fans outside of hip hop. Anyways, Kendrick made a great album that only gets discounted by those simple minded fools, and they're gonna have ammo, because it might not touch Platinum for a loooong time. Bet Kendrick respect amongst peers, and fans last longer than 50 when it comes to emceeing though. Kendrick still hasn't dropped shit w/ Dre production, the lady gaga feature, track w/ eminem, or anything major neither.

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Yo Cam you need to stop worrying about how other people feel about the album, and just enjoy it. I personally think this is the best album since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Not only does Kendrick Lamar paint a VIVID picture in each verse, but he doesn't compromise on vocabulary, wordplay, or artistic vision. This isn't riding music to any extent, minus Money Trees/Backseat Freestyle/M.A.A.D City and maybe a couple bonus tracks. This is for the people who enjoy a hip hop album that stays true to the original essence, and actually has a cohesive vision. GKMC has better wordplay and metaphors/similes than Nas on Illmatic, but as of now it doesn't touch it, because it hasn't stood the test of time, and the sound on Illmatic is so nostalgic/warm while also remaining grimey. ..I'll wait Your rebuttal little to late...

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[Quote] The wordplay part about child abandonment is crazy. Whole Album is crazy.

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Too many joy rides in daddys jaguar

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Too many bottles of this wine we can't pronounce

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He was also fucking around. This was a bit from a story on Odd Future, and everything was a quote from it. Even "Thoughts?" That was directed towards Clancy, and he said something along the lines of "haha Oh, no everything is legit, we pay our taxes. blah blah blah.

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Check out 'You Can't Fight The Feeling' also. Kendrick snaps on it.

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[Quote] I would never be ashamed to listen to good music. I fuck with a ton of music from Queen, and that dude was queer as fuck. In the end I know who the I am, and what I stand for. So the opinion of others perception of me can't affect what I do. Nobody in the R&B game is making music(lyrically) as good as Frank Ocean in my opinion, and what he does w/ his free time won't stop me from watching.

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[Quote] Dawg, you not even 2 months away from a 2012 join fate. foh

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[Quote] Don't know if you're trolling, but I'm pretty sure you're not, because u the same dude who were skeptical of Danny Brown music cause of his style. People who are questioning why he put out the statement are dumb. If he didn't then every interview would have asked him, and that shit would've haunted him forever. This changes literally nothing for the listener unless they're a bigot. And if you're afraid to sing lyrics(especially by yourself,) because the fear of his intentions behind it then you probably can't even look at yourself in the mirror, and say pause after everything.

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"I don't really see anything special" Do you hear anything? Cause that's what matters. He is by no means the best or as good as hype suggests, but is any artists that generates buzz? Anyways, the reason I enjoy listening to music he makes is the wordplay, and just overall different approach. He's not the best using this sound, but he's good and has bars.

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Thanks for posting this. Real dope, and it's cool to know we have a school for DJs in LA.

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Your right. Daily Routine, Survival Tactics, Hardknock, Suspect, etc. didn't have song concepts. He better step it up.

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Suspect posse cut is dope. Along with the rest of the tape.

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[Quote] And you must be one of the artists that you say is on the come up. My point isn't about geography as much is it is about the music. How you gonna say the only mid west artist are from Chicago? There are plent of people making good music outside of Chicago in the mid west. And I made a mistake( crazy, right? ) I meant, Dallas, Houston, and the rest of the Texas cities that revolutionized a sound still being used today.

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