Tyler, the Creator

Producer/Recording Artist/Founder of OF
Nationality: American / Age: 22 / Discipline: Hip-Hop
Tyler, the Creator ranks amongst the most honest artists in hip-hop. His often-misread yet powerfully creative musings have brought about contrasting reactions. However any way you look at it, describing the Los Angeles-born phenomenon as a notoriously outspoken personality would certainly not be a stretch. The sui generis rapper brings a holistic approach to every project he is involved in, insisting on handling all his own creative, not limited to album art, music videos, marketing and design; while Tyler has expectedly continued to rise by releasing fresh and refined results in each of these fields. In 2013, Tyler’s third full-length drop <em>Wolf</em> was released, in addition to several Tyler-directed videos, on top of projects with Pharrell including “Tamale.” Rather than being a product of the industry, Tyler has watched the industry become a product of him, and is surely a name to watch in coming years.