Shayne Oliver

Founder of Hood By Air
Nationality: American / Age: 25 / Discipline: Fashion/Music
Presenting an esoteric take on streetwear, the vision of Shayne Oliver’s Hood By Air exists mainly in a bracket of its own. Essentially comprised of two sides, the more manageable and coherent segment manifests through a youthfully hip-hop-centric approach dubbed Hood By Air Classics, while the avant-garde extremities of the label reserved for presentations at fashion week are somewhat more centered in obscurity. The landscape has been right for a visual shift in streetwear, and HBA has been at the forefront of it. A controversial move to say the least, there hasn’t been a shortage of HBA when the talk shifts towards contemporary fashion. Founder Shayne Oliver linked with the Been Trill boys over the course of 2013 to produce a handful of highly coveted collaborative pieces with Corgi and CLOT, while also pushing ahead with the eclectically-themed radar and X-ray-inspired drops.