Founder of HUMAN MADE and Creative Director of Uniqlo UT
Nationality: Japanese / Age: 43 / Discipline: Fashion/Design
Heralded as iconic by a generation of street-savvy followers, and as a leader where many have followed, Ura-Hara legend NIGO got his legs in streetwear by starting a back-road shop in Harajuku called NOWHERE. After years of subsequent growth, BAPE exploded equally in Japan and overseas (despite any pronounced retail presence). Well known for massive collections of memorabilia, automobiles, vintage clothing, artwork, toys and more (some of which have been since sold), the Japanese tastemaker is an embodiment of the curiosity that drives many creatives. NIGO was the personification and creative impetus of cult label A Bathing Ape but effectively cut his ties this year. His role as creative director with his own Americana-inspired heritage label HUMAN MADE remains intact, on top of his involvement with Tokyo-based restaurant CURRY UP. Developments in the later half the year pointed toward NIGO being appointed as the creative director of Uniqlo UT, which will see a set of women’s, children’s and men’s collections.