Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger

Founders of Instagram
Nationality: American / Age: Kevin Systrom (30)/Mike Krieger (27) / Discipline: Technology/Apps/Social Media
Instagram took the pole position amongst video and photo sharing apps this year, announcing over 100 million active users in February with over 1 billion photographs uploaded. The already successful social media platform, headed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, gained video capability later in June, while taking the step of advertising integration with U.S. users later in the year. Statistics aside, Instagram has succeeded in building a vast community that links amateur and professional photographers, subsequently creating an elevated and instant platform for communication. Aficionados have taken to the Instagram’s well-liked and uncomplicated filter capabilities, which are arguably at the heart of the app’s attraction while the recently launched Instagram Direct has created competition versus the likes of Snapchat.
Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger
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