Imran Amed

Founder of Business of Fashion
Nationality: Canadian/British / Age: 38 / Discipline: Media/Fashion
Founded by Imran Amed in 2007, Business of Fashion provides analysis about the fashion industry through a series of different vantage points. Whether it’s retail, supply chain or emering trends, the platform has become a popular destination for a dissection of the business side of fashion. Business of Fashion’s continued converage of all the recent affairs within fashion was further accentuated by the launch of their BOF 500, a staggering list of all the movers and shakers within the fashion industry that includes both established moguls and the industry’s rising stars. As the realms of fashion and business become increasingly clear, BOF’s writing staff of fashion insiders brings a methodical approach to evaluating trends and developments, keeping tabs on emerging brands and designers and assessing fashion’s effect on the world over.