David Karp

Founder of Tumblr
Nationality: American / Age: 27 / Discipline: Tech/Social Media
Acknowledged as a widely-used microbloging site and in many ways as an early social media platform, Tumblr has been able to thrive by maintaining simplicity relative some of its overly-complicated competitors. The outset of Tumblr brought a user-friendly design that emphasized self-publishing, and the business model has remained relevant with only subtle tweaks over the years. Founder David Karp practically dominated the field in 2007, as the site’s niche appeal allowed Tumblr to start with a bang. Things have kept up for Karp in terms of activity volume, with over 152.2 million blogs hosted as of November 2013. Also this year, Yahoo! arrived at an agreement with Tumblr to purchase the millennial blogging site for $1.1 billion.
David Karp
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