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Longboard Girls Crew (LGC) was created by a group of girls who were tired of always being a minority among male dominated crews and understood that something had to be done within the world of longboarding to fill this void. The result: an international female longboarding community.

These girls realized that when they skated together the vibe was different, they felt more confident, relaxed and couldn't help but think that the same thing was happening everywhere else. So, why not encourage this kind of encounter to take place more often? Where are girls hanging out and how can we get them together? Since its foundation, LGC has gradually become a supportive platform where girls who skate or who are interested in taking up longboarding can interact and find a place where they can meet each other, showcase their talent, create local crews, share tips, arrange skate-meetings, etc. In other words, a place that spreads the stoke from a girls point of view.

Talented female skaters have been practicing and competing at a professional level since the 1960's, and yet the sport continues to be plagued by the usual gender stereotypes; people are surprised to see girl skaters, and even girls themselves have been put off by skating. Perhaps this happened in part because a community and support network like LGC didn't exist up until now. Therefore one of LGC goals is to bring public awareness to the fact that we've been skating for some time now, we're still going at it, and we're going to keep going for a long time to come.

To date, LGC has more than 114k fans on Facebook, 7k on twitter, and more than 40 crews around the world; LGC has officially put female longboarding on the map!

Maitane is about to turn 21-years old. She has been practicing longboarding for three years now, after having been introduced to it by her boyfriend and group of friends in the Basque Country. She is originally from a small town called Hondarribia, next to the lovely San Sebastian where the best tapas in the region are served.

Being a versatile longboarder, she can do anything from downhill to freeriding to on-board-dancing. Her wide range of talents are due in part to her great physical shape and condition that she has earned despite her relatively unassuming demeanor. She is a devoted surfer, a great athlete and enjoys running and jumping obstacles for the local federation.

She currently studies social education and has being involved in a project where she has taught longboarding to immigrant girls who were at risk of social exclusion.

Maitane was part of the Endless Roads roadtrip in Spain, is sponsored by Budywood Custom Made Boards and is the essence of LGC, as proved from an interview by All Around Skate that sums up what the rider is all about.

Jacky, a 25-year old, is originally from Caracas Venezuela but migrated to Madrid 5 years ago where she was introduced to the world of longboarding.

It is not widely known that Jacky is actually a veterinary technician, since she focuses most of her time on her Sound Engineering studies, but the truth is that she is an animal lover, rock concert freak and passionate longboarder. This passion has led her to become the founder of the Longboard Girls Crew. Always wondering why girls were a minority at this sport or were ashamed to do it, Jacky aimed to unite them to show the world that girls can ride too. That statement rings true as the response has been immediate and thousand of girls around the world are being inspired daily.

Despite what many people might think, Jacky has actually always been scared of speed and heights. Longboarding however, has actually provided her the confidence she needed to overcome these fears, and has likewise given her the mental state to overcome any challenge in her personal life.

Jacky doesn't want to ride for any specific longboard brand as she loves to be able to ride as many boards as possible. She still rides for her local favorite shop, In-Gravity.

Jacky's favorite modality is Downhill, but she can also free-ride.

Noelia is 27-years old and is from Argentina. She has been living in Madrid for the past three years. She is a talented photographer and happily married.

Noelia joined the Longboard Girls Crew recently, as she had previously only rode with her husband and friends, but has slowly become attracted to the growing girls presence within the sport and thus is more into riding with girls these days. She is a speed addict, loves DH, and also practices surfing.

Tempest Freerunning was created in Blacksburg, VA in 2006 by Paul Darnell and his friend. He was inspired by skateboarding brands and wanted freerunning to follow the same route. At the time he began there were a few teams of freerunners and only two or three groups. Paul wanted to create a team/group that would push limits of what is possible with new movements, videos and design and to create a style for the athletes such that skateboarding had. Tempest was also created to pave a way for kids so when they are asked what they want to be when they grow up they can say with passion, "I want to be a professional freerunner."

The group has been involved in a number of competitions including the likes of RedBull 2007 in Vienna, Austria, 2008 London World Freerunning Championships, JUMP CITY: Seattle Winning Team, and they were also American Ninja Warrior 2009 & 2012 finalists.

Born in Traverse City, Michigan, Michael "Frosti" Zernow has a little over 10-years under his belt within the world of freerunning. At only 25 years of age, he originally got into it after his Martial Arts teacher told him about seeing the sport on Ripley's Believe It or Not, Frosti has earned the name "Frosti the Snowman" because of his smooth execution. Having previously been into sports such as wrestling and track in high school, Frosti is also into rock climbing and longboarding. Frosti supports non-profit organizations by bringing freerunning performances with Tempest athletes to an event called True Hope. Touring all throughout Southern California, the True Hope Tour is just one of many endeavors that Frosti invests his time into when he is not freerunning.

Originally from Gloucester, Virginia, 29-year old Paul Darnell originally got into freerunning when he saw the Yamakasi and Ripley's Believe It or Not?. Having been into freerunning for nine years, he founded Tempest Freerunning in 2006 with hif friend in Blacksburg, Virginia. Darnell also spends times being a stuntman for films and TV and was recently a finalist on American Ninja Warrior on NBC.

At just 27-years old, Jesse La Flair has been freerunning for seven years. Originally from Ridge, New York, he initially got into freerunning when he stumbled across a few kids doing it in college. Since then he has been instantly hooked. La Flair cites his strengths in the parkour side of movement that mixes strong useful moves with the fluidity of freerunning tricks and spins. La Flair dedicates much of his time to being a stuntman for a range of films and television shows. Besides having three National commercials that are currently airing for Asics Shoes, HP computers and Fruit of the Loom, La Flair was just a Finalist on American Ninja Warrior on NBC. With a penchant for teaching and helping the next generation, La Flair also has his own YouTube channel that currently has over 2,000,000 viewers in which he aspires to encourage others to get into the freerunning style. Prior to entering the parkour world, he was a AM PRO Rollerblader and competed in skate park competitions.

Luci Romberg is a professional stuntwoman and freerunner in Hollywood, CA. Luci is a member of The Stunt Women's Association of Motion Pictures and Team Tempest freerunning. Luci has appeared in numerous films, TV shows, commercials, and is Peter Pan at the Fantasmic! show at Disneyland. As a national champion gymnast and all-league soccer player in college, Luci's transition into stunts and freerunning was seamless.

She has competed in 8 international freerunning competitions (Red Bull Art of Motion) and has been the top female in every competition. Luci has qualified for finals in 5 of the 8 contests and is the first and only female to have ever have made finals. She has performed stunts on films such as Green Lantern, Zombieland, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, to name a few. She has also worked on numerous TV shows, including True Blood, Chuck, Monk, etc. For more information on the projects Luci has worked on, you may visit her IMDB page.

The Skyliners were formed in 2008 by Julien Millot and Tancrede Melet who were not only friends but also shared the same philosophy of life.

With shared experiences as the glue to their team spirit; and freedom and craziness their only guidelines, the crew started training in tight-rope walking and mountaineering the following year with the addition of Sebastien Brugalla and Antoine Moineville.

Their feats soon included climbing and highlining in the Dent du Géant in the Mont-Blanc Massif and eventually crossing a highline in the Devil's Needles. This prompted the filmmaker Seb Montaz to release a documentary about highlining, and the Skyliners were officially known to the world.

The energetic members soon added base jumping to their stunt repertoires and the combination of high lining and base jumping formed the sport of base lining. This prompted the release of another Montaz movie - 'I Believe I Can Fly: The Flight of the Frenchies'.

Today, the crew is still pushing the limits in numerous sports. They have also added several artists to the group including Freddy Drum'N'Gong and Anice the Clown. Another film with Seb Montaz is currently in the works and due for release soon. The Skyliners have no limits to their ideas and having put so many of them into action in the past, only time will tell how far - or high - they will go.

In France, the Alps is the main area for alpinism and rock climbing. But Sebastien comes from the other great mountain range in the country : the Pyrenees. This is where he was first introduced to mountain sports by his brother and rapidly fell in love with climbing.

After a brief job as a mountain rescuer, Sébastien is now completing his ski instructor and mountain guide training so he can become the ultimate alpinist - all at the age of 23!

Sébastien's love of climbing has also extended to highlinging and base jumping in recent years. In 2009, he completed his first highline and one of the first performed in France. It was at this point he met the other members of the Skyliners and has played a part in the evolution of the group!

Given the moniker "Showtime," Victor Lopez knows a thing or two about getting the job done as a professional freerunner and stuntman. Director of the Tempest Freerunning & Parkour Casio G'zOne Commando Video, Lopez has worked with brands such as K-Swiss, Mazda, and has performed stunts on the set of Fast & Furious, Battleship, The Hunger Games, Tropic Thunder and Crank 2, to name but a few. Juggling his freerunning career (one of the founders of Tempest Freerunning) along with his role as a stuntman, Lopez gives us a look at some of his essentials including the footwear he wears during rigorous training, the gadgets used to keep track of his hectic schedule, and the backpack of choice when carrying everything around.

Ever wonder what a master alpinist, pioneering highliner, and base jumper would need to carry around on a day-to-day basis? Hypebeast recently checked in with Sebastien Brugalla - the most recent addition to the French high-altitude daredevil crew the Skyliners, to see what he couldn't leave the house without. Best known for highlining (essentially tightrope-walking at exceptionally great heights) some of the tallest peaks in the French Alps, as well as in the Devil's Needles in Romania's Bucegi Mountains, Brugalla and his Skyliner compatriots were put in the global spotlight after a highlining documentary was made by filmmaker Seb Montaz. More recently, the Skyliners were tapped by Casio to shoot a video for its powerful new phone, the G'zOne Commando. The short illustrates not only the ruggedness and versatility of the phone, but of the sheer athleticism and fearlessness of the Skyliners. Remember you can keep tabs on all the most current news, events, and video releases surrounding the G'zOne here.

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