February 15, 2009 @ 07:07 PM

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channel-3 is a new creative style brand from the UK which has been launched for around 4 months now. It is currently fousing on t-shirt design and distributes to the UK and EU. There is also a blog!

"So it's been 4 months and 9 days to the day since the channel-3 brand officially launched and opened it's online shop's doors, or screen, for business. And its 1 week until the new c-3varsitee UK tour begins!!! (Stay tuned over the next few days for all the informative information)

Anyway, so as everything is so hectic here and in full force getting ready for the tour and working on new designs, it's time for you all to have your say. channel-3 is a creative people project and is about connecting with people, so, as you are all people then have your say!

What would you like to see from the brand next?

What do you think of the brand so far?

If you are one of the amazing people who have been buying channel-3 t-shirts then what do you think? This is raw customer feedback, if you've got something to say then say it!

What do you want to see more of on the blog?

New product thoughts? New prices? Packaging? Website access? Design work? Ads? Everytthhiinngggg.

Send in all your feedback, anything you want to say, good or bad, doesn't matter, in fact you can learn more for a critique than a compliment so just get on it.
Your feedback will directly contribute and inspire the actions of the brand from here on out. It can all be annonymous too if you want so don't worry about that. You can reply here on this hypebeast thread, use facebook, comment on fb, myspace etc, email it over to the shop or [email]hello@channel-3.co.uk[/email], comment on the blog, text me, whatever you want.

New designs are in process and will be debuted on tour, they are siiiccckkkk, this new t-shirt line is something completely new and has the potential to be crazy big. The whole tour is being blogged too over at blog.channel-3.co.uk/ so to keep up to date and get the inside scoop then head over there and peep away.

Any comments will be much appreciated and taken onboard.
And of course, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has ever contributed to anything to do with the channel-3 brand, whether it be purchasing product or just checking out the websites etc.
YOU make this happen.


Plus, the c-3 twitter is just being worked on so if your a tweeter then head over there and search for "channel3"."
March 22, 2009 @ 09:42 PM

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how comes u were in epsom?
i live in epsom.
March 23, 2009 @ 07:00 PM

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Me and the channel-3 brand were touring different uni spots where we knew people at! The c-3varsitee promo tour!!! Epsom was cool. Went and checked out the UCA. The tour was all about promoting the brand and getting the word spread, also blogging it all and promoting the new t-shirt which is coming real soon... the c-3varsitee! Have you peeped all the Epsom stuff on the blog? Easy dude.

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