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December 05, 2006 @ 18:27:52
number doesn't work for place in north atlanta, any other?
December 05, 2006 @ 18:28:16
December 11, 2006 @ 09:00:34
which store is better Ruin or Stratosphere
December 11, 2006 @ 11:54:37
i go to stratosphere because its closer, but very small selection, everyone says ruin is the best in ATL
December 11, 2006 @ 21:28:38
i go to stratosphere because i feel they get stuff sooner than ruin and i'm impatient, and the hood it's in, i can go to stratosphere, then go to the wish spots and make it a great day
December 28, 2006 @ 02:06:38
theres a new place called laced up across the street from a good breakfast diner... i think its been open for like a month or two, they sell creative rec, and such.
December 28, 2006 @ 12:27:14
^ laced up ,is not new its been there for a good minute.
December 28, 2006 @ 13:42:03
my mistake...
January 04, 2007 @ 10:21:59
^^^ thumbs up is dope!
January 04, 2007 @ 23:58:27
anybody know of any good "black" barbershops near GTech/Midtown
im growing my hair out but a nice lining aka line up aka shape up wouldnt hurt... (dont know what you guys call it in Atlanta)
January 05, 2007 @ 22:02:31
there is a barbershop somewhere around the varsity, but i don't know how creditable it is. you go to tech?
January 09, 2007 @ 01:22:16
hot spots in Atlanta
Where are good places to eat and hang out if you are 21+? I going to visit for a coupld of weeks and trying to find some good places to socialize.
January 09, 2007 @ 14:01:36

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February 26, 2007 @ 09:24:22
February 26, 2007 @ 09:25:25
does anyone know any places to get good gold jewelry, and custom jewelry?
April 03, 2007 @ 23:18:54
aight i just moved from LA to atl and need to find some sneaker spots to hit up,someone hit me wit that info
April 03, 2007 @ 23:31:31
what part are you in
April 04, 2007 @ 00:54:22
I heard Jermaine Dupri's favorite spot in ATL is Walter's...
April 04, 2007 @ 06:27:05
there's Wish in the Lil 5 Points area, and then there is Standard in Buckhead, that's the only places i really hit up
April 04, 2007 @ 09:11:28
im over here on cascade rd if u heard of dat...i think im in cobb county? but im bout 15 mins from underground atl if that helps.
April 04, 2007 @ 09:14:31
lil 5 points is south of underground, and buckhead is north of underground, in buckhead there is also lenox mall, and Y-3 near that
April 04, 2007 @ 12:40:21
lil 5 points is south of underground, and buckhead is north of underground, in buckhead there is also lenox mall, and Y-3 near that

aight props for the know any spots to cop some gear
April 04, 2007 @ 13:15:56
Anyone going to 6 flags tomorrow? Its free till 9am!
April 04, 2007 @ 13:26:19
all those spots got real good gear, and no it's to early for that six flags shit
April 04, 2007 @ 13:29:06
Anyone going to 6 flags tomorrow? Its free till 9am!

wait so how does that work...can i go at 8:00am and stay there the whole day? haha im cheap as hell >smh
April 04, 2007 @ 13:29:54
yeah it works like that but 6 to 9 too early
April 04, 2007 @ 16:37:05
Nah man, im leaving at 5:30 and gonna chill with some people. Hopefully meet some lady friends while im there ;)
April 04, 2007 @ 16:48:27
There's also stratosphere in little 5 points which gets in pretty good stock of sb's and other skate goods
April 05, 2007 @ 15:21:34
ANybody from the ATL
Ima be goin to college in atlanta, and i just want to know whats in style, what people are wearing because im pretty sure DC is pretty different, especially since so many *****s wearing Aeropostale, American Eagle, and HOllister with their Jordans or vans. I heard *****s still rockin Fila's there.
April 05, 2007 @ 15:23:22
people still rock girbouds out here, but just be ya self kid don't flip ya style cuz of them, cuz you will get called out for it
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