San Diego (Store list on 1st page)

Jun 13, 2009 @ 13:52
^ I sell clothes there all the time... And buy stuff as well! How it works is they give 50% store credit or 30% cash of the retail that they are going to sell it at... Mostly they give u 5-8 dollars a t-shirt, depending on denim they will give what they thinks it worth, so on and etc... They only take what is in right now and what they are looking for.. Right now t-shirts, shorts, short sleeve button ups and shoes... They will also take other things here and there if its worth and cool to them. So dont be disappointed if they dont give u what u think the clothes are worth! Also do what i always do and hit up both spots hillcrest then PB... Whatever hillcrest doesnt take PB might! hope that helped
Jul 03, 2009 @ 14:31
Upcoming Fizix Events!

Jul 10, 2009 @ 01:55

The DXC will make its way around for the 4th year this coming August. Our event is set for August 1st. That is a great acheivment and we are very proud of what has been accomplished, we are very thankful to all of the people who have supported us since day 1, but it is small to what is at hand.

The DXC is proud to hit the road with THE HOLY GRAIL sneaker shop for the 3rd quarter HOLY GRAIL CHARITY TOUR.

Our first event is on Aug 1st with the combo of the 4 year anniversary and the Charity events this will be an event that you dont want to miss.



come out and support the holy grail.
Jul 23, 2009 @ 12:59
This Friday in Attic San Diego:

Jul 24, 2009 @ 10:33
50% OFF Everything at
Jul 29, 2009 @ 19:06
5 and a dime having any sales soon? i want one of the new store T's they look dope
Jul 31, 2009 @ 01:41
Nope, not that I know of.

Sometimes they have their 20-50% off the whole store but I havent seen anything recently.
Jul 31, 2009 @ 13:44
Some one send me a shrimp Burrito from Bahia ASAP!!
Jul 31, 2009 @ 14:09
I miss san diego
Aug 01, 2009 @ 03:03
Where do you reside now?
Aug 06, 2009 @ 12:14
Dope. I'll be there in a month.
Aug 08, 2009 @ 13:52
makes me smile
after going to skool in sd for 2 years, its legit to see all this info finally, luckily no too late.

also peep Kleen House if you're into graf, Todd is amazing
Aug 20, 2009 @ 15:51
We have 30% OFF everything in store and additional 40-80% off already marked down goods! Guaranteed to come up on DEALS and STEALS for sure
Aug 28, 2009 @ 19:57
Places to buy tank tops?
Sep 01, 2009 @ 00:00
^ the mall. definitely the mall.
Sep 22, 2009 @ 13:21
not much been going on in SD lately

anal del rey

Sep 23, 2009 @ 00:06
not much going on in this thread either
Sep 23, 2009 @ 00:59
should add taco fiesta to the places to eat on the first page place is legit
Sep 23, 2009 @ 13:12

Oct 01, 2009 @ 21:17
wow not much going on in this thread, where r da beast at?!smokeyface
Oct 06, 2009 @ 01:20
No free admission to the Zoo this year? ?)wtf! And to top it off I come home to a parking citation... FMLsmh
Oct 11, 2009 @ 14:47
Some one send me a shrimp Burrito from Bahia ASAP!!

Cotija's has the best Shrimp Burrito in all SD imo.
Oct 11, 2009 @ 15:40
oh, and you guys forgot to put Pacific Drive Skate Shop. they carry SBS and Cons.
Oct 28, 2009 @ 13:51
oh, and you guys forgot to put Pacific Drive Skate Shop. they carry SBS and Cons.

i herd they sell vans syndicate at pac drive but ive never been there

anal del rey

Oct 29, 2009 @ 22:39

BLVCK SCVLE pop up store is coming to L.A. (Located @ Hall Of Fame on Fairfax AVE.)
Starting 11/27/09 till 1/01/10 to start off the new year.

Blvck Ops make sure you come out and support more info coming soon.
keep up with updates on
Oct 30, 2009 @ 00:48
oh, and you guys forgot to put Pacific Drive Skate Shop. they carry SBS and Cons.

SD's best kept secret.
Nov 04, 2009 @ 17:19
im scoutin some wtap eras, cant find a seller down here.
Dec 13, 2009 @ 02:50
tried to buy sum of the new diamond gear on overload skate shop's website and requested store pick up. I guess they werent allowed to sell their new line online and now havent even received any of their orders. wack shit............ are there any other stores in the area that will sell the new diamond stuff?
Dec 14, 2009 @ 23:42
dear san diego hypebeasts,
you *****s fell off. :[
Dec 16, 2009 @ 14:24
Check it out this Saturday.
Doors open at 11am. Got some goodies from the old Pacific Beach store as well as warehouse overstock and more.....

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