December 14, 2006 @ 02:27 AM

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What's up, guys?
I'm going to LA next Tuesday and would definitely hit the fairfax Ave. for some cool shops. Knowing that traffic is terrible and parking is hard to find, what time and which day would you guys suggest?
Anybody been to Supreme recently? Do they have anything left at all? Reali wanna get the red bronx bull tee and the backpack. Not too optimistic though.
Other than supreme, FCLA, Undefeated, what other stores are in that area?

Thanks guys!!!
December 14, 2006 @ 03:11 AM

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I recommend going during the weekdays possibly. It's always usally packed the most on sunday but still easy to park you just got to get in a residential area. I recommend starting out in la brea. You can hit up american rag( they have a lot of good jeans). From there walk down( technically north) to undefeated/stussy/union. There all connected, so yeah... From there hop back in your car, drive all the way till you hit melrose, turn left, drive down till you pass Brooklyn Projects and the first turn signal after there will be a car wash, turn right(north) and there always parking in the residential street. From there your off to fairfax which you get to buy continuing to drive west on melrose, turn left when you see fairfax. Usually there is parking, if there isnt then check the backstreets. I doubt that supreme has anything left...but its been a while since i been there. Across the street from supreme you got turntable lab and reserve. More down( south) there sal barbiers, but ive never been there...

P.S. Ignore me and use mapquest, just add diiffernt stops.
Recommended stops in order:
American Rag
Sportie L.A.
Brooklyn Projects
Sportied L.A.
Turn Table Lab ( they have clothes)
Riff( i think its on fairfax, its new its like FCLA but there site is

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