February 21, 2008 @ 07:43 PM

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1st 30 seconds the dude is talking about some bullshit but the stuff these guys pull off is absolutely amazing. Especially what the guy does at 3:09.

Check it out : www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhjVOG4PCVcgcwa6Gn
February 22, 2008 @ 02:30 AM

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that shit was fucking insane. are they promoting a workout video or a type of drink because it sounds like at the end of the video he is talking about a drink. did a quick google search and can't seem to find a DVD either.

only seen a few people do this type of stuff at the gym i go to and it isn't as insane as these guys.

thanks for posting this awesome vid
February 22, 2008 @ 05:43 PM

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Haha, that was good stuff.

4;25 was illll.
February 24, 2008 @ 02:22 AM

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Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... They're on some ghetto gymnast ass shit.
February 24, 2008 @ 02:28 AM

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Leumas you've never seen that move before in 3:09? It's called a flag.


I've seen gymnasts do a lot of this shit. I've seen people climb ropes like that. You should check out that beast skills site it has tutorials on how to do crazy ass bodyweight feats. Like handstand clap push ups, no handed 1 arm pull ups, planches, etc. If you want to get really strong/fit try out crossfit. Shit is nuts.
February 24, 2008 @ 04:20 PM

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those buys are beasts

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