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 World Cup team Brazil synopsis history (including star coach and promotion process) 
Brazil will be the host for the 2014 World Cup, as the host country, Brazil don't need to qualify, and because of this reason, the Brazil in the FIFA rankings once in June 6, that a period of time fell worst (22), but this does not prevent them to win big popular.The confederations cup in 2013, strong team winning all, including the 4-2 win over Italy in the group stage, the semi-final 2-1 win over Uruguay, final 3-0 win over Spain. In the warm-up match, Brazil with top-flight record, luiz felipe scolari in November 2012, who took over as coach after Brazil two war England one and losing 1, and 2 to 2 draw with Italy, 3 to 1 victory over Portugal.starBrazil star when omar, the young star is known as "bailey successor", in 2013 to move to the Spanish Barcelona's fee for the transfer of 57 million euros, and have excellent performance. Mr Bailey said "omar will become the world's first". The confederations cup in 2013, his won the golden ball player () '.In addition to the maldives, Brazil and Hu Erke, Oscar, alves, thiago silva, Lucas, David lewis, marcelo and so on a number of well-known in European football star. For Brazilian football kingdom, don't lack most is the star.Golden ball winner kaka, ronaldinho at AC milan and atletico mineiro performance is pretty good, may return to in the Brazilian World Cup winning team. Robinho because he state recovery at AC milan, has been to return to the national team. Pato is luiz felipe scolari, a member of the Brazilian national team.coachOn November 28, 2012, the Brazilian national team ended after firing mano menezes - up to two months without a coach state, announced that luis felipe scolari become Brazil's national team head coach. This is the second time luiz felipe scolari coached the Brazilian national team, who led Brazil to wins the last time he had won the World Cup in Japan and South Korea in 2002.After 2002, led by Brazil, luiz felipe scolari to the Portugal coach, led the Portugal win euro 2004 runner-up, World Cup semi-finals in 2006. Left Portugal to the Chelsea coach luiz felipe scolari 2008, but was not successful, 2009 management this deco, especially from 2010 to 2012 at parr mellars.Historical performanceBrazil is the only team that took part in all 19 World Cup, they will be as a host for the 20th World Cup tournament. Brazil is worthy of modern football, won the World Cup five times (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002). Last Brazil the World Cup at home but failed to win, the 1950 World Cup, in the final battle with Uruguay (because the format is not final, but that is just two teams to slug, determine the scudetto so be remembered as the final), Brazil's 2-1 defeat to Uruguay.Brazil last won in 2002, composed of cristiano ronaldo and rivaldo, ronaldinho "3 r" forward combination are invincible, and Robert carlos and cafu wingers. In 2006, kaka, ronaldo, ronaldinho, adriano and robinho "dream quintet" didn't work, the team quarterfinals. In 2010, dunga for Brazil were the favourites, but in the quarter-finals in advanced under the condition of a ball by the Netherlands.
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USA is in big trouble with the ridiculous group they got placed in... I see Brazil or Germany winning

Yea, but Ghana is beatable and I feel like that Portugal is kinda overrated. I mean they qualified through play-offs. 
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USA is in big trouble with the ridiculous group they got placed in... I see Brazil or Germany winning

Yea, but Ghana is beatable and I feel like that Portugal is kinda overrated. I mean they qualified through play-offs. 
Ghana has knocked USA out of the last two world cups lmao. But I do agree that they are beatable...USA also beat Germany in a friendly recently, and Portugal if Ronaldo is shut down or unlucky, I think USA stand a chance, even the slightest one just might be enough along with a little bit of faith. 

Moreover, not sure if this has already been posted but, every time the World Cup has been hosted on South American soil, a South American nation has won it. I think history will repeat itself and I personally believe Argentina will emerge victorious. And then an atomic bomb will kill everyone in Brazil, and slowly radiate to the US where we will all die, Tupac will come back from the dead, and a zombie apocalypse will take place. Food for thought.

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let's go Ecuador cool
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This squad is ridiculous. No Donovan. Julian Green on? DAFUQ KLINSMANN?! Shiet, I need to try out for the team if this kid is on. Everyone's saying he's our future, but I watched his little cameo debut and some of his clips, he ain't shit! He's actually more of a liability. He needs more experience. He might turn out to be the next Freddy Adu. I hate how everyone's saying Donovan is too old at only age 32. Like what? Zlatan is 32 and is looking like primetime right now. Gerrard is 33 and is going to captain, and will probably play every single game, and every single minute. Klinsmann is going to regret these choices. My hopes for coming out of the group stage are crashing down fast now.

People keep bringing up Ghana from the last World Cup. That shit is the past. It's a new team for both of us. We should be able to beat them. I'm just worried about our back line.

I'm also curious about Germany's squad. No Gomez? And also Khedira is waiting to get on? Only bringing 2 Strikers with them is risky, especially with Klose. We'll see if he can break the scoring record. Spain's squad is looking cool. They might actually take it again this year. Lulz at Torres making their 30 man list. He probably might get cut though, unless Bosque still has hopes for him.
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If Korea ever gets real good, we'd all be hella confused talking about all the Kim's and Lee's
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Cant wait to se england fuck it up again
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Group E 1 2 spot can go both ways but picked France for top spot. No Zlatan. Colombia loses cuz no Falcao. Picked Portugal only if Christiano plays like how he played in CL otherwise Belgium is capable. Brazil loses Semis cuz not much experience although both team is able.

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Clint Dempsey is terrible at rapping.
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Pre-World Cup friendlies have been cruel. so many injuries to great players. Germany are really gonna miss Marco Reus. 

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I'm guessing most of you are "Heat fans".... It's a shame that people can't root for their country because thing's aren't going their way. I'm still mad to this day that Donovan didn't make the squad but I thought about it... Klinsmann had won a world cup as a player and had the opportunity to coach one of the best teams in the world. He must know what he's doing.... I don't think he would jeopardize his position as head coach by not giving Donovan a roster spot. Jozy will do his thing as always and I would love to see what Julian Green brings to the table.  I honestly don't know what to expect... But it should be fun to see how it plays out!
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Considering how popular World Cup is in every country (except the states), pretty funny that there aren't more posts on this thread. I am in France right now and just walking around the neighborhood last night I could hear every single person's TV had the game on, and then at midnight when "whoever" (Argentinaconfused won a match, people were honking car horns all over town and making a fuss... gonna be like this for the next couple of weeks... Crazy how so many people seem to come together for one sport, yet it rips them apart because they "hate" the other team so much.... Then again, I have never understood the draw of professional sports.
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Holland will win the World Cup 2014 smile
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