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So two B-Ball players were accused of rape by a white female student, but(like the Duke Lacrosse team) they were punished before the case has even been closed.

It doesn't take much of a leap to wonder if the players' departure from school had something to do with the story that surfaced in May that several SLU basketball players were being questioned as part of a St. Louis police investigation into an alleged sexual assault on campus.

Willie Reed Sr. says his son and Mitchell were suspended last month by the university's student court for a full year because of allegations that they were involved in some unspecified violation of the school's detailed student code of conduct.

The suspension happened as a result of a behind-closed-door hearing before the school's student court. For reasons no one can adequately explain, the hearing didn't happen last spring or even over the summer. Instead, it was conducted after Mitchell and Reed returned to school last month.

According to Reed Sr., the alleged victim had an attorney and her parents present at the hearing, and the lawyer came armed with a thick book full of documents that supported her case.

His son was not given the same privileges. According to Reed Sr., statements that supported his son's innocence were not admitted into the proceeding. Neither player was allowed to have parents in the room, and the only legal representation Reed had was a second-year law student who had less than 48 hours to prepare his defense.

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unknown force.

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they got suspended because of a student court? smh where are the athletic directors

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