July 1, 2011 @ 05:50 PM

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I will post my workout everyday.

Conditioning Phase:Intensity 65-75%

Daily Warm-Up Jump Rope 4 Minutes
Sit-Ups 3x35
Ham/Glute Raises 3x15


Pull-Ups 3xMAX
Lat Pulldown Behind the Head 3x10
Lat Pulldown Front 3x10
Front Squat 4x8
Lunges 5x5
Power Clean/Press 4x6
Straight Leg D-Lift 4x10
Straight Bar Curls 3x10
DB Curls 3x10
Core Work

Hopefully someone will find use to this! Check back daily.

Oh, I'm done with the gym 'till Monday. All running during my weekends/relaxing.

what is this, i don't even

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