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Haven't heard anything about Tyler. He could end up like a Shane Battier type player to me. Hes not too exciting but real fundamental and consistent. But Curry can be real good if he gets on the right team. I mean like another Reggie Miller, Rip, or Ray Allen type and if he can develop into a decent point guard, watch out. Anyone would be stupid to pass up on him if they already have a big man.

You compared Curry to two of the greatest shooters in the history of the game (Miller and Allen). I doubt his career ends up resembling theirs. Shane Battier is one of the better defenders in the league (he almost always locks up Kobe) so to say that Hansborough will end up like him because they both have good "fundamentals" is absurd.
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May 13, 2013 @ 03:24 AM
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Curry is already arguably the best shooter of all time. 2nd in career 3pt%, most 3's in a season, most 3's to this point in his career by a long shot, and only 25?! The speed of that release coupled with his ability to shoot off the dribble is something that guys like Steve Kerr (the highest 3pt% of all time) or even Ray Allen lacked (not nearly as good of a shooter as curry off the dribble). Its hard to argue in terms of legacy because the warriors have only recently become relevant but at least in terms of 3 pt shooting he will go down as maybe the best 3 pt shooter of all time.

Check out Curry's career numbers compared to Allen and Miller's through their first four seasons: 

                       Games        3P         3P%        FG%        FT%        PPG
Stephen Curry     257          644        45%          47%        90%        19.2
Ray Allen            296          497        39%          44%        87%        18.1
Reggie Miller       320          421        38%          50%        87%        18.4

Better in every category except 1 (reggie miller FG%) and in less games than both

...and did I mention that Curry is a POINT GUARD not a SHOOTING GUARD???
....oh and wasnt there a lockout recently reducing the number of games for curry to play?

May 15, 2013 @ 07:48 PM

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Good point about the lockout. Curry absolutely crushing the competition from three. Although I'd say he has far to go before he's better than ray or Reggie as an all around player. They're two hall of famers.

May 24, 2013 @ 01:03 AM

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wow Curry is really killing it. Still kills me tat he didnt fall to the knicks

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curry never miss that 3 on 2k
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This thread continues to make me look like Nostradamus cool

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This thread continues to make me look like Nostradamus 
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