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Hey what's up guys. Here I have a pair of VNDS Sz.10.5 Pusheads and a pair of beat Sz.10 Stussys. The Pusheads come with the OG box and double boxed, while the Stussys will come with a replacement and no double-boxing. The Pusheads have 70-75% stars, minimal heeldrag, and minimal overall creasing near the toebox. The Stussys have rips near the tongue, some creasing, 40-45% stars, and a redone inside heel on both shoes. If you want more pictures just PM me.

No S/Os, offer up.

BIN on Pusheads: 175 shipped.
BIN on Stussys: 45 shipped.

Trades I'll accept. (I won't ship out first unless 100+ feedback.)

Shoes in Size 10-11.
Clothing in Size M.


Gucci 1's
02' Raptor 7's
Bred 13's
Olympic 6's
Fire Red 3's

(I'll accept beat, not cracking.)

Nike SBs

Tweed Highs
St. Johns

Other Shit (Size M)

Any Gen Black Bape Tiger
Supreme 26th Duffle or Backpack
North Face (M) or Polo Bubble Vest (L)
Super Sunglasses Black Flat Top
Grey Supreme Box Hat Size. 7 5/8
Infrared Air Maxes (Any Year)

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