July 8, 2010 @ 07:14 PM
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Hey young world!
been selling on HB Since Nov of last year and selling on Niketalk under the pseudonym Budahbro.

Anyways I'm not looking for trades ie; your VVVVNDS pusheads you skate in or any of that other random crap you have laying around your house so don't bother offering, I am looking for your hard earned cash tucked in that old converse sneaker box u got under your bed!

I only accept paypal (from verified address) or money order with tracking at your own risk. Best method of contact is via email at: [email]budahbro@yahoo.com[/email] or by phone at (310)743- yeah fuckin right ima give you my number! just contact me via email or PM.

First up got a pair of Vandal Low Premium White Elephants (these are from the major league untold truth collection)
The original denver based only African American team.
These are worn but still in great condition 7/10.
$50 shipped!
size 10

Next up, Air Jordan Retro 13's!
One of the most popular Jordans of all time, The "black cat" is hard to find and these were lightly worn and stored in a cool dry closet.
As advertised $60 shipped!
size 10
condition 5/10, hologram still 10/10 no fogging (worn these with the clear sticker still on the hologram)!

note creases on toebox

note mark on back of the right sneaker

and, just in time for Lebron's signing:
Nike LeBron zoom 3's. condition 7/10
These do not include original box but ill put them in a Jordan Trainer box.
$40 shipped
size 10

Also just in time for the MLB All Stars!
Nike Dunk, MLB addition!
Condition 9/10
Size 10.5
$45 shipped

Lastly, Air Jordan 2s
Condition 7/10
size 10.5
$45 shipped

more pictures and references available upon request.

*note bender not included
July 10, 2010 @ 09:41 PM
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