July 3, 2010 @ 05:28 PM

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So this is pretty much a blowout sale. I am starting a business and need some cash. Thus, sneaker sale is in order. Everything is legit, my descriptions will be accurate and err on the side of downgrading instead of upgrading. Nothing worse than someone saying they wore sneakers 3x and you get them and they are blown out. I am on sufu with this same un, and my ebay id is sneakerdevotee. All + feedback all around. Pm me with any questions.

All prices are usps priority shipping to the US via paypal as a gift. If you want to use regular paypapl, add 4%.

Vans Supreme Perf Half-Cabs 11.5 7/10 85 shipped

Nike Air Safari (Mowabb colorway) 11 8.5/10 100 shipped

Nike Mita Air Force sz 11 red/black 9/10 85 shipped

Nike Supreme Air Force Canvas Blue sz 11 9/10 115 shipped

Nike Daybreak Vintage 8/10 8/10 (I cleaned the yellowing off the insoles so that it's whiter) 45 shipped

Nike Air Max 1 Miller Pack sz 11.5 9/10 150 shipped

Reebok Dual Pump Runner sz 11 9/10 75 shipped

Nike Huarache Light 11.5 10/10 100 shipped

UNDRCRWN Layup 11 10/10 75 shipped (these are like wearing butter on your feet)

Jhung Yuro sz 45 (fits like 11 AF1) 9/10 50 shipped

Nike AF1 Canvas Supreme COGNAC bitches sz 11 9/10 150 shipped

Reebok ERS 5000 size 11 7/10 (the sneakers are great, i work black socks with them and there are now black sock pieces stuck to the inside.) 50 shipped

July 9, 2010 @ 01:39 PM

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bump, price drops of $10 on every pair of sneakers here. 20 off each if you buy 2. 30 off each if you buy 3.
July 18, 2010 @ 06:32 PM

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bump - Miller Pack, Daybreak, UNDRCRWN, and huarache light burst all sold. everything else still available. also have a pair of quoddy boat shoes, size 11, worn a few times, 140 shipped.

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