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Legit Check Postings:

[*]Provide as much information as possible including links to auctions, seller feedback, usernames, and websites.
[*]Provide as many pictures as possible.
[*]Ask the seller prior to posting thread for tagged pictures and as much information as possible.
Legit Check Responses:

[*]Do not respond to postings unless you have knowledge of how to determine if sneakers are fake or legit. If you are unsure do not post.
[*]State reasons why you believe the sneakers are fake or legit. One word answers will not be tolerated.
[*]Do not ask for a legit check for an auction after it has ended.
[*]Do not flame members who have unknowingly bought fakes.
Support for fake sneakers will not be tolerated and will result in automatic permanent banishment from this forum.

No postwhoring. There is no reason to post after it has already been established if the sneakers are legit or not.

If a member continues to violate these rules they will be subject to permanent banishment from this forum without warning or any previous notice.

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