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How to spot fake Brazil Custom Series Dunks:

So far, i've only seen fake Samelos and Gerdals on eBay, never seen fake Gordos or Cristianos

Also, keep in mind that there are 2 versions of the Brazil dunks: Samelos, Gerdals, Gordos and Cristianos were first released as a limited edition, 400 pairs only. Months later, a simpler version of the Gordos, Gerdals and Cristianos were released, without all the lasering and details (like printed insoles, yellow patterns on Gerdals suede).. these were a general release in Brazil (but since there arent many stores with SB accounts here, their also kinda limited)

i think these are the 4 easiest ways to spot fake brazil dunks:

-spare laces do not come in a plastic bag with "Nike SB" written

-DS pairs got 2 tags attached, one on each pair. 1 tag is in the shape of the zoom air, and the other tag is a orange tag that describes how u can take good care of ur kicks

-custom series dunks got insoles printed!!! either with some photographs or some drawings, their not a regular SB insole.. all fakes i've seen so far came with a regular insole

-they come in a GOLD box!! and NOT black (many fakes come in a black box)

more pictures:


hope this helped

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