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Hi, I wasn't certain where to ask this question, so the questions forum seemed like the best bet even though it seems more for HB administrative stuff.

I've never done a trade before (or any payment not facilitated by Paypal); how can someone be sure that both parties are protected? I know that both people sending shipping information is a good safety net, but this doesn't preclude someone shipping a 'dead weight' box with trash or something inside. If a transaction does go south, what organization or company (eg. paypal for paypal transactions) can one use to get his / her money / goods back?

Thanks for any help!
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There would be nothing you could do besides rely on the user's feedback when trading item for item. Paypal would look into a fraudulent transaction if you purchased an item and did not receive what was purchased. They cannot do anything if you send money as a gift rather than a payment of goods. Hope this answer helps

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December 7, 2010 @ 09:58 PM

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I hate it when the person you're dealing with is present and then vanishes without a trace once items are in transit... how do people usually conduct trades? Just both ship? I wasn't provided with a tracking number, but in the seller's defense I was a day late shipping the item. If I have no response by tomorrow (shipped today noon) should I think about sending in a recall to USPS?

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