N.E.R.D In Search Of... or Fly or Die

March 19, 2008 @ 21:40:36 PM
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know that were on the topic of NERD...

my pick is Fly or Die!!
March 19, 2008 @ 21:48:10 PM
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damit son, thread idea stealing ftw, lol...

I would go with In Search of just cuz I like every track on that album and its what made them blow up. Fly or die was ok... she wants to move was hot... but I don't know about the rest... In search of takes it for me but I could see how people could think their lyrics or w/e were underdeveloped but it was just cuz they weren't that big before that album but like provider, baby doll, bobby james, RUN TO THE SUN!!! I dunno they all just seem so real, fly or die seems like a watered down pop version of NERD and IMO a lot of their artistic talent and ideas were lost.
March 19, 2008 @ 21:58:30 PM
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yeh... dont get it twisted i love ISO, RUN TO the sun is maybe my fav nerd track... but

then again

she wants to move
the way she dances

i just feel like there are better tracks
March 19, 2008 @ 22:42:58 PM
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In Search of.

most will say fod because of the fact, they wasnt playing them when iso released, whole different time frame and feel n different years.....02 and 04
March 20, 2008 @ 00:22:50 AM
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March 20, 2008 @ 00:27:34 AM
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in search of... ftw!
March 20, 2008 @ 00:41:45 AM
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In Search Of got me hooked the Fly or Die got me addicted. but between the two i listened to Fly or Die more....cant wait for Seeing sounds
March 20, 2008 @ 13:29:26 PM
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In Search of Is their classic, innovative shit...fly or die is more of an honorable meniton IMO...but their new shit so far is pretty fuckin dope.
March 20, 2008 @ 14:25:02 PM
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No contest In Search of for me.
March 21, 2008 @ 10:47:43 AM
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tie...they were two different albums. I love em both
March 21, 2008 @ 11:01:08 AM
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could some please email me a lionk to download fly or die
March 22, 2008 @ 00:46:03 AM
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n.e.r.d. opened up with a new track from fear of flying...it was fuckin riduculous...heres a snippet
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