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This is a brand new Mission Workshop "The Shed" Messenger Bag! (No Tags)

Perfect for anybody who commutes or doesn't want to get their shit wet in the rain. Maybe you don't even ride a bike, but you're trying to bang that hipster girl next door. Next level swag if you show up to a party with a 24 pack in your bag. Oh yeah, lifetime warranty as well. And this shit is made in the USA? What the fuck are you waiting for?


Accepts Paypal & MO.
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1. All items must be shown to be in your possession, with a LEGIBLE written or 'non-photoshopped/watermark' screen/user name tag
2. All SELLERS must been members for MINIMUM 1 MONTH and have at least 50 POSTS.
3. NO EBAY listings in any way, shape, or form.
4. If your listing is deleted OR you have any questions, please PRIVATE MESSAGE me first to discuss.
5. 1 bump per 24 hours.
6. BuyItNow prices must be listed, This is not a Best Offer marketplace.

i'm the best mayne, i deed it

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