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April 13, 2012 @ 11:26 PM

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Be cautious when dealing with sellers that only accept payment via the gift option on PayPal. When money is transferred as a gift, you lose all buyer protection from PayPal. If you use the standard method of payment and include 4% to cover the transaction fee, there is a chance that PayPal will get involved if you are scammed.

We highly suggest avoiding the gift option and sellers who will only accept the gift option, adding 4% to the purchase price is much safer for the buyer. There is no reason for a legitimate seller to refuse a transaction where you use the standard method of payment on PayPal and cover his transaction fee. If the seller refuses to accept the standard method of payment, you should realize the risk involved as a buyer. If the buyer is open to both and has positive feedback on the forum as a seller, use your best judgement.

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