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This Flashed Xbox 360 IS NOT BANNED. It has been Painted Black because wanted to have a shiny black instead of the typical matte black.

This is what it comes with:
-250gb Hard Drive
-Power Supply
-HDMI cord
-One Wireless White Controller
-Two Play & Charge Batteries
-One Play & Charge Cord to charge batteries
-Wired Black Microphone
-Hard Drive Transfer cable for PC
-5 Blank Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x
-20 Games

List of games (XBG3 Games Burned with my iXtreme Max Burner)
-Saints Row The Third
-Metal Gear Solid Collection (Both Discs)
-Forza Disc 1
-Halo: Anniversary Edition
-Dead Island
-Battlefield Disc 1
AC Brotherhood
-Marvel Vs Capcom 3
-L.A. Noire (Disc 1-3)
-GTA 5.7 Robatore Mods
-Fight Night Champion
Halo Reach
-Call Of Duty: Black Ops
-NBA 2K12
-Madden 12
-MLB 2K11
-Fifa 12
-Batman Arkham City
-Star wars Force Unleashed 2

I know I haven't posted anything on here much so I already know people won't trust me. You can check my eBay account I have over 100% Postive feedback:

I'm asking for $200 O.B.O

Here are the pictures

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