The Official Black Females Thread

December 17, 2008 @ 18:00:31
You lost all my respect son, that's some ignorant shit to say without even knowing your facts. What is it these girls are too pretty to be just black? Are you kidding me I usually don't take internet shit seriously but man your asking for it. Not all black people have skin of charcoal and hair hard as rocks. We have all originated from subsahara africa and spread out to all different parts of the world from Asia to south America all over. We come in different colors,shades and features just like in Africa itself.. you can find arabic mixed people up north and to the east you can also find a mixture of different kinds of people. stop being ignorant

Kissi, you're overreacting. I don't know how you came to this conclusion, but you're putting words in my mouth.
December 17, 2008 @ 18:19:52
Not enough worthy black women to warrant an appreciation thread dedicated to them

u foreal tho?
December 17, 2008 @ 18:28:14
^ LOL. You might not have came right out and said it buy you DEFINATELY implied it.
December 17, 2008 @ 18:36:01
Yall kill me with this shit. None of the females on the last page are biracial. Everybody has this stereotypical view of what black women look like. If that's how you feel stay out the thread. Don't be mad cuz we have a wide variety to choose from.

Exactly. If these girls aint Black then I guess Im not black either. Plus alot of the asian girls on that thread are half white or mixed with something not asian. Blacks got the most variety though. Dont get mad.>smh

Oh yea Claudia Jordansmokeyface

December 17, 2008 @ 19:27:08
oh man this thread is full of win.
December 17, 2008 @ 22:56:35
Jessica Lucas <3

I have an unhealthy obsession with her.&)
December 17, 2008 @ 23:07:29
Jessica Lucas <3

I have an unhealthy obsession with her.&)

same. i think it her wifey look.

but yo i was gonna post Rasorio Dawson but I didnt know if she was black or latino. any help fellas?
December 17, 2008 @ 23:10:25
did you bother to check wikipedia?
December 17, 2008 @ 23:14:26
Mel B.

December 17, 2008 @ 23:21:16
Amber Easton is the sexiest.

December 17, 2008 @ 23:28:33
December 17, 2008 @ 23:33:59
why dont i know who these women are?
December 17, 2008 @ 23:38:18
Noemie Lenoir-some of ya'll gone love this

December 17, 2008 @ 23:42:19
December 17, 2008 @ 23:42:47
Carla Campbell

December 17, 2008 @ 23:44:19
my heart hurts
December 17, 2008 @ 23:53:07
Corinne Bailey Rae

December 17, 2008 @ 23:53:35
Mel B.

oh god u are so right.mel b is a dime
December 17, 2008 @ 23:54:41
Noemie Lenoir-some of ya'll gone love this

whoa blinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyes&)&)&)&)
December 17, 2008 @ 23:57:02
Noemie Lenoir Is fine as hell!&)
December 17, 2008 @ 23:58:10
Claudia Jordan


didn't know her before, but goddamnit...i'm in love. &)&)

edit: i forgot about Amber Easton! her n00dz had my harddrive game on smash back in the day
December 18, 2008 @ 00:03:31
Yaya DaCosta-ANTM and she's an actress. is the black girl in the Dr. Scholls Commercial dancing into the heels btw.

December 18, 2008 @ 00:03:59
yes rosario dawson is half black. shes of african-cuban desent so hell yea

December 18, 2008 @ 00:10:29
Yaya DaCosta-ANTM and she's an actress. is the black girl in the Dr. Scholls Commercial dancing into the heels btw.

dont sleep on dominique from amnt

Oh and let me add she is from Ohio >smh
December 18, 2008 @ 00:45:40
god i hope this isnt a transsexual cause this would be the 2nd time this month i unknowingly admitted i would fuck.

This a man.
December 18, 2008 @ 00:47:52
December 18, 2008 @ 00:55:29
webcam stop reposting her or so help me...
December 18, 2008 @ 01:06:29
webcam stop reposting her or so help me...

why is that your brother....
December 18, 2008 @ 01:08:27
why is that your brother....

now you know that's you and i was the photographer. i apologize hb, i had one too many drinks.
December 18, 2008 @ 01:11:45
yea right she is not a man. id go ham on that girl. and yall would too if yall saw her at a party first thing yall would be saying is shes thick.
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