November 5, 2007 @ 05:06 PM

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i soak my swishers in lcd and then roll it with weed and lace it with cocaine and i shaft that in my anus. SHIT IS HARDCORE WOOOOOOOOOOO!

i loled
November 5, 2007 @ 08:25 PM
the team sins

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anything that you put in your butt will be absorbed. xtc, valiums, xanax, ambiens, etc.
November 5, 2007 @ 08:27 PM

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you need to try e once to realize why etards butt roll. the greatest drug ever created
November 5, 2007 @ 08:45 PM

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eghhhh. tolerance builds fast and makes people hela e-tarded but its like candy in portland. people pop that shit like crazy
November 5, 2007 @ 08:47 PM


I've done E before. And let me tell u. No high is good enough to ever stick anything up my ass. Ever.





November 5, 2007 @ 08:47 PM

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^ Hahaha, yesss, someone understands me. The kids with the puma track jackets, jeans completely ripped apart, huge shades, and fauxhawks with designs and tons of gel! Chicago polacks are the best!!! And all you hear is "kurwa" every 10 seconds out of them...don't quite know what that means, it sounds like a filler. lool, they taught me everything there is to know about alcohol and E. Then I started fucking up in LIFE, so I began pointing the finger at their hardcore lifestyle...

kurwa is polish for bitch
November 5, 2007 @ 08:49 PM

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yup, your tolerance is fucked even if u do it once every month. mostly because when your on it you fiend for more and end up popping more than 4.

people who roll every week for like a month or two need to double drop just to feel an effect
November 5, 2007 @ 08:52 PM

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yea i generally stay away from it
November 5, 2007 @ 09:13 PM

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didn't James Brown do drugs up his rectum?
November 5, 2007 @ 09:17 PM

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I know a broad who did that shit, so I stopped talking to her weird ass.


November 5, 2007 @ 09:54 PM

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didn't James Brown do drugs up his rectum?

November 5, 2007 @ 11:02 PM

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November 5, 2007 @ 11:09 PM

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didn't James Brown do drugs up his rectum?

Jesus Christ, roflmfao.
November 5, 2007 @ 11:42 PM

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Only things exit out of my asshole..
November 6, 2007 @ 10:09 AM

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Back when i once rolled alot, i had a few homies try that. I would never shove anything in my ahole though.
November 8, 2007 @ 08:53 AM

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Sadly, this technique is used, but god only knows why someone would go through the trouble. And yes, it does enter your bloodstream quicker and will twist you up pretty good. NOT speaking from experience by the way >sad
November 10, 2007 @ 01:04 AM

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Resurrecting this thread, since I'm gonna be rolling tomorrow for my B-Day and I want a thread I can dwell into, yeeeee!

Bitch I might beh, Bitch I might beh, Yeeeaaaohhh.

November 10, 2007 @ 02:21 AM

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never done x but my friends were into it. we tried to get a kid to do it, except we called it kiestering.
November 10, 2007 @ 02:23 AM

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Im planning to pop tomorrow night, wish me luck =]
November 10, 2007 @ 02:25 PM

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^official account just to hate on helgen? wow just wow.

rolling is sick, you can jammin to music sounds better. cool
November 10, 2007 @ 02:39 PM

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I haven't done it in about 3 years or so. I hate to be "that guy," but x is certainly not what it used to be. I was lucky to even find good stuff back in '04. Before the last time, I hadn't done it since 2001 maybe.
November 10, 2007 @ 04:40 PM

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^ even though he's banned, i would like to note, he would shove anything up his ass or any other hole.
November 10, 2007 @ 05:14 PM


hehe todays my birthday cool
November 10, 2007 @ 05:19 PM

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^^happy birthday son
November 10, 2007 @ 05:22 PM


thanks artis...i doesnt get down on that x but i got that haze though...oh yes...tonight will be fun

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