Whos a Stoner?

July 25, 2011 @ 08:59:27
July 25, 2011 @ 12:21:07
i respect you cause u roll spliffs with marlboro lights..

just smoked 2. about to roll up again. dont feel like doing jack shit today but burning trees
July 25, 2011 @ 12:28:38
i always roll my joints with weed only and im wonderin what the point of spliffs are..... is the high different? will i get addicted to ciggs from smoking spliffs?
July 25, 2011 @ 12:30:25
same high...tobaccoo in no way affects the high..i mean if you smoked 1 cig and if you get a head rush cause youve never smoked one before itll last like 20 seconds tops.

na you wont get addicted.
July 25, 2011 @ 13:15:48

i feel like that
July 25, 2011 @ 13:49:23

Run away from the land of Sodom and Gomorrah, the land of the sinking sand

July 25, 2011 @ 14:49:43
July 25, 2011 @ 17:57:17
Originally posted by Inactive User

Dope song, the music video shows the dream lifestyle just smoking bud. The song seems different from the version i have.

Thinkin about taking a t break till lollapalooza, mainly because im dry and dont have 60 to pick up my next 8th. I've been workin for my dad all summer and he hasnt payed me 1 cent yet. Idk if he just wants me to ask him for money whenever i want it or if he just isnt paying me. But i gotta ask him for more cash before i can buy anything. 2 nights ago went to a friends party and was comin off a hang over so smoked a few joints and had a few brews and felt excellent till i woke up and saw i smoked basically all my herb.
July 25, 2011 @ 17:57:55
Waiting around for my connect(s) to re-up fucking sucks.

Haven't smoked in dos days. I'm fiendin'.
July 26, 2011 @ 00:04:41
July 26, 2011 @ 00:29:32
Waiting around for my connect(s) to re-up fucking sucks.

Haven't smoked in dos days. I'm fiendin'.

July 26, 2011 @ 00:46:18
90s nick swaggin
July 26, 2011 @ 02:12:33
dealer just dropped off. #ftw
July 26, 2011 @ 23:31:47
: (
July 26, 2011 @ 23:36:53
[07-27-2011 12:35 AM] Corkscrew
July 28, 2011 @ 00:26:34
July 28, 2011 @ 01:39:38
Fuck those transparent rolling papers. Taste disgusting.
July 28, 2011 @ 02:51:51
Fuck those transparent rolling papers. Taste disgusting.

July 28, 2011 @ 09:45:58
July 28, 2011 @ 11:21:27
i was blowin smoke in the face of a spider in my garage yesterday..banged the bowl on the door frame to clear it, he bolted...
July 28, 2011 @ 11:23:48
had the best brownies ever yesterday. still buzzin.
July 28, 2011 @ 12:01:00
July 28, 2011 @ 13:10:05
July 28, 2011 @ 13:16:53
i definately am a potmong smoke the shit everyday i really enjoy it but i also think about the money i'm 'wasting', then i ask myself why i'm so poor.
July 28, 2011 @ 13:20:26
poke smot
July 28, 2011 @ 13:23:26
July 28, 2011 @ 13:32:14
r u black?
July 28, 2011 @ 16:47:11
so one of the dispensaries in my town recently had some drunken bastard try and get buy bud from them without a rec. after being denied, he decided it would be a good idea to shoot up the store front while leaving. no one was injured or anything, but it upset some of the nearby residents and they went to city counsel to have all the county's dispensaries close up, including my fav main shop smh

they've got a petition going right now to keep their shop open though.. hopefully shit gets passed. they definitely got a lot of supporters. but fuck, i don't wanna go back to having to buy from sketchy dealers that always be skimpin' tongueface

-dispensaries in my county are getting closed by city counsel
-feels bad man
July 28, 2011 @ 16:53:37
July 28, 2011 @ 16:54:13
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