Whos a Stoner?

October 10, 2010 @ 02:06:41
Originally posted by Inactive User
Whats the best way to smoke a dime?

with fire

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October 10, 2010 @ 02:59:45
October 10, 2010 @ 02:59:52
^ lolwut
October 10, 2010 @ 03:01:45
good sweet shit.......today was too crazy lolol
October 10, 2010 @ 03:36:35
sour diesel never lets me down
October 10, 2010 @ 03:40:58
Green Queen + Afgooie joints and bong rips + Busch Light = great night of fun
October 10, 2010 @ 03:56:39
gotta off the dour asap. my connect already has some master kush and train wreck lined up for me.

this shit makes me a) sleepy or b) clean out my refrigerator or c) all of the above

lions don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

October 10, 2010 @ 04:38:17
$500 qp of some platinum bubba? im down smokeyface

October 10, 2010 @ 04:48:51

That's happening in November of this year. let's make history happen. The medical marijuana started back in 1993 or 1994 in Norther Californian and look how many other States have changed their minds.

One step at a time, but it's a meaniful one.

Outlawing the naturally growing plant because of its psychoactive ingrident and ignoring all the other health benefits? WTF this is 21st century. THIS IS OVERDUE if u ask me.

Cali, it gonna get DONE, believe that. smokeyface
October 10, 2010 @ 10:13:54
bubba looking chronic blaizini. for 5/qp that's a fucking win

lions don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

October 10, 2010 @ 10:19:58
i envy you cali heads so much...need to get my hands on some of that medical
October 10, 2010 @ 11:36:18
i really fucking hope prop 19 doesn't pass, fuck that. NO on prop 19
October 10, 2010 @ 13:16:28
$500 qp of some platinum bubba? im down smokeyface


shoot an o my way mayyyyne! smokeyface hajaja
October 10, 2010 @ 14:01:12
couple bong snaps then taco bell

feels good man but dat explosive diarrhea feels bad man

that was my friday night haha
October 10, 2010 @ 15:07:02
Originally posted by Inactive User
If you say "beer can" in a British accent, you're saying "bacon" in a Jamaican accent...Mind officially blown.

October 10, 2010 @ 17:50:15
$500 qp of some platinum bubba

thats like half the normal price we get in florida ?)


October 10, 2010 @ 17:59:49
drunk and high at the cabin thanksgiving weekend, can't fucking wait
October 10, 2010 @ 18:02:47
blaizini hook a
October 10, 2010 @ 19:21:32
October 10, 2010 @ 19:42:52
no on prop 19
October 10, 2010 @ 19:58:14
aight all you no on prop 19 cats give me your top three reasons why. we need to straighten some thangs out.
October 10, 2010 @ 20:03:56
Any Chicagonians know of any headshops around chicago that sell good bongs and sliders and shit?

Might take a trip to Chicago next week and wanna pick up a good bong with a good slider.
October 10, 2010 @ 20:27:16
Originally posted by Inactive User
i really fucking hope prop 19 doesn't pass, fuck that. NO on prop 19

all my hardcore stone friends been saying that shit but not so much 'cause of the monopolizing of the industry by corporations, but more so because cats with Medical cards have it really good.

Shit is pretty much legal in CA anyways, just so long as you have that medical card.

I would like to see Prop 19 pass just because I firmly believe the drug war and Mexican Cartel situation would greatly relieve itself and stop so much of the fucking violence and backdoor politics taking place because of it.
October 10, 2010 @ 20:59:07

First two pics are Jack Cleaner 2 and the third is a mix of JC2, Green Queen, Afgooie and and outdoor grow from the end of summer.
October 10, 2010 @ 21:17:44
All of the cartel violence is from cocaine tho
October 10, 2010 @ 22:10:08

Smoked some Bubba Kush out of my 10 dollars glass pipe. Good day to finish with delicious chicken sandwiches and salad at the Wendy's

today was good day

+Yes to Prop 19 because it'll help out the economy of California tremendously. I mean after all MARIJUANA IS THE NUMBER 1 CASH CROP in our state and the fact that CALI4NIA grows more WEED than any other states.

The government will not CHARGE so much TAXES on WEED once it becomes legalize. They have to deal with the black market dealers so it'll lower the PRICE OF WEED to get rid of the competition which I can easily see that happening.

BUT that doesnt mean there won't be growers and dealers imo. The weed has been around long ass time and there haave always been bunch of growers.

*Just imagine go to 7-11 and get a pack of blunt filled with OG KUSH and dank kiefs... just imagine that.

It's honestly ridiculous to "OUTLAW" this natural growing plant, only because it has THC; psychoactive substance in there.

NOBODY HAS EVER OVERDOSED from SMOKING POT that's because it's nearly impossible to go through pounds of weed in short time.

That there would be a problem.. Grow your own shit an never have to worry about it.

"They Throwin' Hate At Me"

October 10, 2010 @ 22:26:09
All of the cartel violence is from cocaine tho

No man it's not.

Yes, pretty much every illegal drug transits its way through Mexico but the biggest and most traversed drug is Weed.

In Tamaulipas there is literally HILLS growing nothing but weed, and where do you think all of it goes? Sure as fuck doesn't stay in Mexico.

Chihuahua, Durango, and Sinaloa all have enormous farms that grow nothing but weed.
October 11, 2010 @ 00:23:05
Spliffs of dank on deck. It's too bad that I have so much school work to do. However, I'm breezing through it rather casually thanks to this ganja.
October 11, 2010 @ 00:38:54
Some purple shit

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