What Did You Wear Today: December 2006

December 02, 2006 @ 13:08:53
dressing a certain way doesn't get you pussy =)

it's all the way how you talk to them ladies and confidence =)

lol see i can dress like a hobo and still get hot chicks

December 02, 2006 @ 13:11:14
Honestly LOCH has in own style compared to many other people i have seen both on HB and the outside world.He's a teen with a taste in style that date backs to Will Smith when he was the "Fresh Prince",Loch really reminds me of that 80's kid. Now a days you wont find a kid rockin his hat the way Loch does or wear his fits in diffrent ways. I respect the kid for actually trying to bring back some of the older style,and lookiin at him he doesn't even look like he's old enough to been alive to see the 80's but he appreciates the style and thats what he base's his fits on in my opinion...catch the flow???

Stay up Loch...it's always good to have criticismaround that way you could in the future better yourself.smokeyface


December 02, 2006 @ 14:03:46
I picked up some single wash classic fit jeans from uniqlo from their old store further down broadway, I love them. Really good jeans.
December 02, 2006 @ 14:04:32

agreed, loch you always come with your own style and i think its fresh
December 02, 2006 @ 14:04:59

Inactive User

Helgen....did they make you pose like Kris Kros too? blushing

nice fit btw
December 02, 2006 @ 14:10:17
Appreciate the love and the hate for sure for sure.

And I mos def didnt take my pictures down there not working?

as for the whole 80s thing and me looking like the fresh price. I dont attempt to dress like him at all. I think his steeloz back than were on point and I can see the comparison I get called that all of the time but in no way do I try directly to dress like him...

As for the hats...it has nothing to do with trying to be retro. Everyday when I walk around my city or go to school alllllllll I see is New Era New Era New Era...I cant stand having the same stuff as everyone else so I went out and found something different...Hate it or love it thats not going to change...

So I dont base my style on the 80s persay..some of the stuff I rock looks like that maybe but thats because I like a lot of that music and culture...I just dress how I dress and how I always have...

nothing else to it..

and Im lamo at ahhhrt...its all good fam lol

Appreciate it Fre$h too you pretty much summed it up and no doubt Helgen X...
December 02, 2006 @ 14:11:49
oh and Hel those ID's Maxes are absurd crazy...very nice

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December 02, 2006 @ 14:46:27
Originally posted by Inactive User
oh and Hel those ID's Maxes are absurd crazy...very nice

I agree sick fit helegen.. damn digity
December 02, 2006 @ 15:32:55
man yall some haters... LOCH is the freshest i have seen so far.. retro is the steez right now in NYC. THe snap back hats are crazy... Thank got he wasnt rocking a Hornets tho like everyone else..

Also. his tee was not big at all.. It fit. It looks perfectly fine to me.. Maybe its a demographic thang or a Ny thang but Loch.. I'm with you

Also.. MHO wat was that supposed to read when u attempted to summarize my post in two words but refrained from using anything that resembles the english language?
December 02, 2006 @ 16:58:41
If it were legal, and I were able to, I'd tie helgen up to a chair and make him watch as I loaded all his shoes into my car. But I can't. =(
December 02, 2006 @ 17:13:15
Last Nite with fellas to Wood-Wood opening party and Dwele concert.

King Stampede x New Era
AA Hoody
Red Topps Tee

Today. To work and heal hangover.

King Stampede x New Era
Wood Wood Hoody
Zoom Moire +

December 02, 2006 @ 17:15:12
nice man, is that ww's 3rd line hoodies of this years release? havent seen it anywhere yet before up here
December 02, 2006 @ 17:22:45
not feeling x666x's fit with the shirt tucked in, if it were untucked it would look a lot better IMO
December 02, 2006 @ 17:30:15
A beautiful autumn day in newyork city,I decided to match the season's weather flow...

pic: at the beginning of the Brooklyn Promenade at the Brooklyn Docs


December 02, 2006 @ 18:43:29
Originally posted by Inactive User
This is what I wore yesterday, this picture is actually from a website of a clothing store that is pretty famous in NYC, they put me on their cover page (you get to stay there for a week.) Apparently, I was their "person with style of the week."

Sneakers: Nike Air Max 190 (NikeID Custom)
Jeans: Uniqlo Slim Fit Denim
Tee: Uniqlo Graphic Tee Limited Edition
Jacket: Vintage Nike Trainer

Those IDs are sick.
December 02, 2006 @ 19:30:51

I need to try harder on my waywt pics...

Carhartts age nicely haha. Theyre the only dunk you can say that about.
December 02, 2006 @ 19:40:26

To go sell some decks at ZUMIEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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December 02, 2006 @ 19:57:44
Originally posted by Inactive User
Not a fan of the TK hoodies but also not a big fan of aqua chalks so I am just not into that outfit. Too much new & (easily cop-able) and overhyped gear!

Ah i wish my post didnt sound so negative but to say something positive I'm sure you will get a lot of attention with the hoodie, haha smokeyface

I dont think it being "easily cop-able" should be a factor of you liking it or not, if you base everything on that you'll miss out on alot of dope shit.

sorry you didnt like the fit bro....I posted it just for you smh
December 02, 2006 @ 20:08:15
Originally posted by Inactive User
To go sell some decks at ZUMIEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since when do people buy decks at zumiez...
December 02, 2006 @ 20:13:11
Terry Kennedy is a Homo but the Hoody is ok.
December 02, 2006 @ 20:17:34


December 02, 2006 @ 20:20:45
^ ILL fit!!!!!!!!!!!
and we happen to sell quite a few decks smokeyface
December 02, 2006 @ 20:25:51
Originally posted by Inactive User
Terry Kennedy is a Homo but the Hoody is ok.

Yes Terry Kennedy is a HOMO!
December 02, 2006 @ 20:46:42
Fuct did a crazy job on that tee...the detail is crazy
December 02, 2006 @ 21:01:33
dope fits cweak and fish
December 02, 2006 @ 21:04:21
Usually Fishcale your fits are dope,but this isn't you at your best...mainly because im not feeling the shirt and the color tone of the pink...idk im just being a critic.But honestly everything else looks good espicially the fitted...


December 02, 2006 @ 21:09:48

i just tried on that fresh prince hat inside the store. i don't actually wear/own it.


December 02, 2006 @ 21:13:49
cweak u have ill style, mad props
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