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Hello HB fam, I just started community college this week and the college life even for community is getting a little stressful already. I'm just taking 12 credits of general ed at the moment (english, history, math) and I'm already getting so much homework to do on top of working 5 days a week. Math homework everyday as expected and quizzes every week, English already has me working on an essay, and History we have to read ~30 pages a day and answer some questions for homework as well as projects assigned every other week. I just want to know what your schedules are looking like and how much work you guys have so I don't feel left out here stressing by myself. Is college really not the time to have any fun? Everyone else looks like they have a lot of free time to have fun but I'm here constantly working on homework and going to work. I don't mean to rant or sound like a crybaby, I'd just like to know if anyone else is going through the same thing and what your routines are.
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Community college is pretty much extended high school. Bust your ass so you can transfer to a 4-year college and get the real college experience


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Thanks for the reply chief, I plan to do that. That's the reason why I'm so stressed out to get a good GPA so I can transfer out. Any idea how good of a GPA I have to have to get into a state college?
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College is supposed to be difficult, even community especially if you want to transfer. It's all about time management. Try to get everything done on weekdays so you can have free time on weekends. A lot of people work and go to community so you're definitely not alone. It's your first week, just settle in and relax a bit and everything will start to become routine and easier. You're probably not used to so much work yet because most people didn't have to do much their senior year of high school.
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Get to know your professors, whether that means asking questions, going to their office hours, or just talking to them about the day's subject after class. They're just people. Sometimes they'll be easier on students who they enjoy in class. I'm not saying it's going to completely save you from bombing a course if you don't put the time in but it could mean the difference between getting an B+ or A- in the long run


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Everyday is different. But usually after I'm done with class if I don't have to study or do Hw... chill with the homies

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^ditto, if you're not going to community college then the day is pretty much go to class, go to work/gym/eat, chill with friends and then study...not in that particular order but imo a university is definitely more chill and a better experience. 
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study eat sleep repeat
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I took 12 hours my freshman year too. But lucky enough for me i was able to cram all my classes into tuesday and thursday. Shit was hella fun cause i pretty much had a four day weekend. It also helps to find people in your class to study and do homework with. Makes college work alot easier imo

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Thanks for the reply chief, I plan to do that. That's the reason why I'm so stressed out to get a good GPA so I can transfer out. Any idea how good of a GPA I have to have to get into a state college?
Most state schools offer 2+2 programs, or at least in PA they do. Take 4 semesters at your local CC, once completed you should be able to transfer into the 4 year college to complete your final 2 years (or 4 semesters).

If you're not looking to stay at CC for the full 2 years to complete your Associates degree you can always apply to 4 year schools earlier. Keep in mind though, the less credits you have completed, the more likely they are to look closer at your high school transcripts. Again this may vary from state to state. 

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Work hard OP and I promise you getting that acceptance letter will be worth it. Esp. if its to a top/prestigious university.
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community college is a fucking joke buddy, dont fuck up and get a GPA over 3 and get an AA and youll be able to go to a uni like one of dem real boyz

my experience i got my AA in general studies, with a couple extra classes so i could get into the major i wanted then i had no trouble transferring to fsu 

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eat sleep soccer, classes start next week sad


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im roomed next door to 4 volleyball bitches too so ima see what that mouf do


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Work hard, homie. Not many people know the hardships of working and going to school at the same time. Just always have something to do, and make sure it's done in a timely manner. I mean schedules, so keep a planner if you need to. If you can manage hour blocks properly, you'll have time for enough sleep and some fun during the weekend. Aside from having fun, make sure you're getting those A's in your basics. You really don't want to be stuck in a community college for long. Good luck to you
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UNI is so much chiller than community college fersure. All it is go to lecture a few times a week study hard a few days before midterms, drink/smoke/chill/gym the rest of the time. Homework is almost non existent 
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Dropping out. cool

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