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Jaw probably won't be making six figures just yet but 80k at base isn't bad off buck. http://money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/pharmacist/salary

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lmfao. I have a friend in Detroit who graduated last May who's making $130k and an optional $500 cash for 5 hours on Saturdays (it's an independant tho). Another friend in Cleveland who graduated two years ago who was starting at $115-120k (at a chain retail) and instead made $200k that first year w over time. Don't believe everything you read.

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February 15, 2014 @ 02:08 AM

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lmfao. I have a friend in Detroit who graduated last May who's making $130k and an optional $500 cash for 5 hours on Saturdays (it's an independant tho). Another friend in Cleveland who graduated two years ago who was starting at $115-120k (at a chain retail) and instead made $200k that first year w over time. Don't believe everything you read.
what are your plans after you graduate? I think you've wrote on tumblr or onhere that you're gonna see whats up with opening your own pharmacy?

I'm pre-pharm, so i'm thinking about the different options after grad from pharm school
February 15, 2014 @ 05:21 AM

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Plan is to pay off ALL my loans, which isn't much compared to most people, in the first year before buying anything besides a new car and things for my parents. And to move to SF/Seattle/NYC/Chi/Cincinnati. I have slight connections for possible jobs in 3 out of 5 of the cities I listed so it all just depends really. I can move to Dearborn Detroit and make bank like my friends who live their but I wouldn't fit in w the Arab community regardless of my connects. Worse comes to worse I'm making six figures doing retail in Cincinnati, which I like.

Long term is to just make hella money and possibly open/partner an independent. I think what you're talking about is the IV clinic that I mentioned a while back, that's a lot of work and I don't care about that shit no more lol. Message me if you got questions on fields within pharmacy b

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February 15, 2014 @ 08:24 AM

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Some frail ass excuses as to why whites/blacks getting stunted on lmfao, Asia as a whole (except pinoys) bout that money and living well off. Wanna come w that money ain't everything ass vibe like an ugly person would say looks ain't everything.
Only people getting stunted on are people w/o and I'm not one of them. Not sure it matters what race it is when you're a broke boi.. What stands out the must about being broke is that you're just broke. When you're broke, you usually obsess about what life is 'on the other side'... You assign some silly value to something you can't comprehend (wealth) as you have no experience with it. So, you come off w/ some silly ass vibe that money is everything... Something a broke boi feels because they never had shit and assume if they ever did that it would be 'everything'...

That being said, if you actually came to your wealth and have it via your own work, you understand the path you took through measured steps to get there.. and the things you lose/lost along the way.
Or you could be broke obsessing...
Or one of those type niggas who stays lost in the journey to wealth and never wakes up to the reason why you pursued it in the first place.

I identify with the 1st group and quite frankly was never sold on pursuing money for the sake of money. Impressing silly bitches and stupid niggas... Feeling like I am superior to some other human being. Getting high off striking up envy in others. Life is to short for that.

So, I use my wealth as 'freedom'. I got lost in the sauce of getting $$$ but never on spending it on silly shit. Now that I have it, I've toned down my desire to try to get it constantly.. What's the need? So I could have more potential to buy silly shit?  I live frugal and I am enjoying the true beauty of life through experiences. My kids will be taught this way in order to have higher values and appreciate the essence of life.

So, i know what type of nigga I am...

What type are you? Silly type Floss in a benz for shallow money hungry bitches? Make all the local dudes envy what you got?.... Until you escape your corner to find there's niggas that have a billion times your wealth and that you're nobody? I'm not about dat life.

I don't live a life of relative comparisons to other niggas and what they have. Life's too short to be concerned what some other nigga has. If that viewpoint makes me a 'broke boi', in your eyes, so be it. I know who I am. If you're searching for your definition of who you are in comparison to what other niggas do and don't have. Enjoy that life.
You might be the wisest guy on here. I always enjoy your posts, seems like we share the same views on most things.
*cheers man. I like to question the world and learn more about it. If there was ever a love I have always had it is that. Money helps facilitate that journey. I enjoy meeting people and helping them along their respective journeys.. Enjoying a journey with them. Conversing about life .. Just putting my thoughts out there. Hearing others. Learning about perspectives and lifestyles I don't live. Were all in this together here on earth. I find no compelling reason to envy another human being. They have within them the same thing I have within me. If you put energy towards something you want, you'll see just how easy it is to obtain. Maybe in the process discover it means nothing to you after-all.... At that point, you'd laugh at the idea of envying someone for something you don't even care about... that something which means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

The same way some envy the rich for what they have (because its different than what they have) ..
The rich envy how freely the others can live their lives... How close the 'others' live wrt to the 'human experience'.

So, cut envy out of the picture and find yourself somewhere in the middle.. Put your energy towards it and experience a bit of both.
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There are hella asians with money since theres HELLA asians in the world. Its not like they got some magic cordoy pants that generates money.


February 15, 2014 @ 11:31 PM
Black Donald Trump

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The Asians you see are rich because they were rich enough to get out of Asia 
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I really read pharrellcantskate's post, bruh you sound like a bigot. I could give two shits about your conversation with the homie; but off what you wrote and those slapstick ass videos you posted I can only assume your prejudice and insecure. Oh and for the record dudes in the first video aren't struggling or in any way from the struggle. Real struggle is not making half of the 1200 they get and having to worry about food and shelter let alone wearing diamond life, sb's and etc with a part time for extra cash. I know cats that had to wear the same outfit for a week or two until they get the money to wash. Point being FOH bruh.

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The Asians you see are rich because they were rich enough to get out of Asia 
Nope. I went to school in San Francisco and there are as many broke/illegal chinese people there as there is mexicans in LA.
February 16, 2014 @ 12:14 AM

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Asians generally have stronger rules about how much they save. They work hard and save a large portion of theri earnings. So eventually, a lot of them have amassed a lot of wealth that they can share with their family. Additionally, they take education very seriously, and end up producing a lot of business men. 
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pharellcantskatePost: 1Join Date: Feb 2014

1st post?

The truth must hurt bruh. You made an account just to tell me that? 


I know you'd like to think that Asians are the first niggas w/ wealth and that they have it all.. But... Surprise, they aren't and don't. Yall niggas got the late pass to the game and are playing catch up all to the detriment of your beautiful culture and land.
Buying old staples of luxury at heightened prices like its on firesale. Old money in Europe and the US laughing their way to the bank.... Trying to impress a group of cats who don't give a shit about you... At least some of you unenlightened niggas are. The wise ones of your culture and ethnic group are doing anything but flossing like some broke boi' off the corner who just won the lotto.

So... Sorry for bursting that bubble you had of the world. My condolences

Maybe you should go study the ways of the wise people from your homeland before you come poppin off the mouth at someone trying to point it out to you.

the irony of your 1st paragraph. you can replace "asians" with " black niggas" and it'll make more sense.
wasnt your god, coonye west, begging all these "white man /european" companies to let him in.
"massa massa , please let me design these louie shoes, massa massa please let me design these nikes, i wanna be duh first black fashun designuh " i dont even wear none of that wack ass european shit, nor do i ever in my life, felt the need to buy shit to impress people. " i swear bruh, on my momma bruh"
i dont even know what the fuck youre talking about, " i  think asians are the first niggas to have wealth"  never did i said that? or do i think asians are some "master race". i do believe asians are smarter and have better work ethnic than the other minorities in america ( statistics bruh)  and yeah majority of us are new here, but yet you fools still living in the same apartments for generations.  also lol @ at us having connections to our homeland and manufacturing wtf, most asians were poor as dirt in their country so im pretty sure they just work their ass off to get high positions or establish successful business, sorry we dont all depend on affirmative action lmao

you think these kids have some secret connections to asia to help them study their asses off lol


nah this one is  funnier

youre not some englightend entity , youre  just some bitter hater that probably took a black history class and have personal issues so you take it out on a fashion forum lolz..                  stop frontin'

tbh i dont even wanna get racial but i always see you constantly bashing, so i felt like i need to put my input

No honestly.. Stop deflecting and address where I was wrong. Truth is not hate and you don't know me well enough to try to assess who or what my beliefs are. I posted data. I reflected on things in reality .. So, calm down.

What are you achieving by posting videos of dumbasses? I'm curious.. You think because I am black I am going to get offended? They're dumbasses...

And what are you achieving by talking like some clown ass? In what way did you address what I posted? Stick on topic.. If you want me to go over the deficiencies and fucked up nature of black culture and its roots and origins, I'd have no problem doing that.

Of all people you seem like the racist ... You're ignorant ass probably has no clue as to why things are that way in African American communities and why actual African immigrants on H1B-Visas with culture and language getting PHDs in neuroscience can in no way relate to that...  So, as i stated from statistical fact : 
African Immigrants immigrating to the U.S in modern times via Visa programs have had the highest educational obtainment and income average of all the various immigrant groups up until recently.. I don't say that to beat my chest as a black man. I say it so as to dispell the inherent beating of your chest whereby you think Asians are the only ones w/ wealth on earth or whom are educated. Hardly the case and most of Asia's rise to economic power is just now occurring in our lifetimes.. So, are black people better than anybody? No.. But neither are Asians...

So if you want to know the reasoning behind my posts.. stop being a bitch and ask .. stop masking an ass of yourself by assuming... The reasoning is that .. No, by and large Asians aren't wealthy. By and large, the same old money in EU/US that has been running the world for so long is running the world... Why do I point this out? So as to dispel the nonsense theory that you're some amazing group doing something new in the world....

You're not.. So keep that Pride shit at the door. I'm an American as are generally most people on this forum .. from there i'm a human being... I am proud to be a human being and I am proud and sometimes ashamed of my country for the idea of freedom it gives to me.. to Asian immigrants.. to many other groups that allows them to pursue things of greatness... 

And money isn't everything ... So who gives a shit if you have $250k, $1million, $100 million dollars. No one cares...
It's quite easy to make that money.. I've done it and thus have 0 respect for it. It's a means to an end and the means/ends are way more important to me than frivolous shit people buy to make themselves the envy of others. That's old america.. Were being humbled by this economic catastrophe and it seems others are just arriving w/ a late pass having learned nothing from our mistakes. 

So, don't come at me w/ that ignorant fucking shit as if that offends me some how. I have my wealth. I have my degrees. I don't have anything to prove to some 2nd posting dweeb on hypebeast. So get out of here w/ that deflecting attack the messenger bullshit and stick to the topic
February 16, 2014 @ 02:47 AM

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The Asians you see are rich because they were rich enough to get out of Asia 
Nope. I went to school in San Francisco and there are as many broke/illegal chinese people there as there is mexicans in LA.
Making those dumpster dives in the A.M waking you up for those glass bottles to take to the recycling center as if Mao's revolution is still happening.. Yeah, just like any other race, they're out there.... Some wealthy .. Some impoverished .. 

I feel like the title should be : "Why is wealth concentrated in such few hands".. addressing the real meat and getting off this Asian centric topic. Wealth and its concentration stems way beyond Asian people and they hardly have the the lionshare : 

Like i said.. Old money in Europe/US run the lionshare of the wealth pool .. and at the end of the day, who gives a shit? On a person to person basis I am far more interested in intelligence and their world view than wealth. Any clown ass can make money in this world. It's hardly something to brag and boast about. China has accumulated a significant amount of it in recent years .. and all it took was destroying their environment and borderline enslavement of their people.... Sound like a familiar story? "behind every great fortune there lies a great crime" something that stands the test of time.  
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lol @ this thread still living 

mans on here writing essays, pulling out statistics lmao

hansum is 4ever

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