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You know what pisses me off most about this? Is that OP's hate for white people is stronger than OP's hate for slavery. You put a skin colour to slavery. You do know there are still an estimated 29.8 million estimated slaves ALIVE today in the world. You weren't a slave a god damn fucking day in your life. And YOU are complaining about slavery? 

America is full of a bunch of racists. On both sides of the fence. No white man today is a slave owner and no black man today is a slave, in America. Yet American's get really caught up on this whole nigger word lol. Who gives a fuck? You sure don't. If you did you'd be trying to free the slaves in Asia, and Africa. But you're complaining about a WORD A FUCKING WORD. That was a associated with a slave trade that you never experienced or anyone else using the word experienced either? Get the fuck off your high horse kid. You just as racist as the people using the word. People are such hypocrites when it comes to the word nigga. Yo i can use it bcuz im taking the meaning out of the word and giving it less power. but if this white guy does he's automatically racist. That's being hypocrite. 

this is the type of nigga who thinks reverse racism exists and i fuck my cousin....kill yourself. 
o word?

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it's all love
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dont use the N word guys it's not nice

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