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This was taken from http://collegesurvivalguide.net/65-things-i-learned-in-college-tips-and-advice-everyone-should-know/

Sorry guys I tried to copy and paste the list but for some reason the list didn't come out right so if you want the list just click the link. Some truthful shit in that post.
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nvm. you setted the paragraphs

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"Grades are not a measure of intelligence. It’s a measure of work ethic."

true as fuck
October 7, 2013 @ 10:05 PM
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"Grades are not a measure of intelligence. It’s a measure of work ethic."

true as fuck
i always have thought that grades were based on completion of work

thats why dumb girls get good grades. they lure in guys to do work for them.

never do their work, and dont let them be the boss

October 8, 2013 @ 04:02 AM
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realist shit i ever read

Cmon get down with a real nigga wussup

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niggas are seriously lacking common sense these days

knew most of this before college

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