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I'm 6'1 about 189 pounds, frail as fuck with a bit of a gut looking to try and get in shape within the next 6 months because of a family holiday (cant be showing the bitch titties on the beach). Anyway gym is expensive as fuck so I decided to try and do a bit of experiment. Is it possible to get in shape at home with nothig but some dumbells and a corny fitness DVD. Sure loads of us have thought about it #tofrailforthegym I'm not really following a diet because cba making protein shakes and shit anyway if anyone has any tips let me know, and ilk see if it works if if I'm still frail in 6 weeks.
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cop a pull up/chin up bar. cheap and easy to set up.

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Dumbbells + jog/bike ride everyday = results. 


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cop a pull up/chin up bar. cheap and easy to set up.
this is a good investment, you can do various work outs and shit on it but I'm with you fam, trynna get that brolic form.
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I'm actually 5 days in been jogging twice 2.2 miles first then 3.3, didn't really feel that fatigued. Trying to do some corny GSP workout following a schedule done 3 of them there's a section with a ton of squats that leaves your legs dead. The ab excersises feel the best but you gotta work everything on top lifting the dumbells everyday arms look completely different already. Just trying not to eat loads and drink plenty water. Good luck to everyone else
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Drink lots of water, eat right, and do a lot of running and you'll get results b

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Bronson Solitary Fitness
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Peep the 300 workout. You can do all the exercises with chin up bar and free weights.
September 13, 2013 @ 04:48 AM
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Bronson Solitary Fitness
Pretty much this. The guy ate nothing but prison food and had no weights but he was strong enough to knock out a cow with a punch and could punch through bulletproof glass.

You'll want to do lots of bodyweight workouts, stop eating all that shit in your diet and if you aren't down for protein shakes you'll want to get lots of chicken in your diet. You only need 2 35 pound dumbbells in the beginning.

Get a book called Starting Strength. It'll really help you out.  4chan /fit/ isn't a bad place to go either.
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sixpackshortcuts. torrent it via thepiratebay. mad easier than insanity / p90x, they're home workouts that give the "afterburn effect" / substitute gym exercises with limited equipment. no doubt, you'll see results in 2 weeks as long as you follow the instructions correctly. it does require a meal plan, but it's simple and doable. my meal plan was:

day 1 & 3: extra lean turkey, brown rice, broccoli (4-5x, knuckle sized portions)
day 2 & 4: chicken breast, brown rice, asparagus (^)
day 5: ground pork, brown rice, broccoli (^)

and the weekend is for cheating. it's easy. make it a lifestyle and not a one time thing. there's no excuse to not exercise with this program even if you have limited resources. torrent it and i'll be glad to help you out if you need anything, just pm me.
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All you need is the Desire To Be.

RUN. 3 miles a week. 1 Mile on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturday.

PUSH UPS. 300 a week. 100 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays. Do 50 in the Morn and 50 at night. EAZY.

SIT UPS/CRUNCHES.  300 a week. 100 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays. Do 50 in the Morn and 50 at night. EAZY.

And Fridays will be your lazy days :]

For the chest doe....Best result is Benching. Find a buddy wit a gym pass and see if you could hit up that buddy system wit him/her.



Do 2 dead-hang pull ups

44 Situps/crunches in 2 minutes

and 1.5 miles in 15:00 minutes


EDIT: With dumbells as your only source of equipment... Do theses.


September 13, 2013 @ 09:12 AM
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the key to your goal is steroids
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if you're not taking diet seriously. yo results will be very poor. 
niggas think they can build muscle on a caloric deficit or lose fat on a surplus will be dissapointed....
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All I did before I started hitting the gym were dips, wide push ups, diamond push ups, pull ups (go to your park or w/e), sit ups, calf raises, planks and burpees (video). Had me looking right. 

Dink a shit ton of water (not too much or you'll die) and stop drinking pop and shit. 

Here's a good dumbbell site too

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To clear some shit up I live full board on a university campus (not my choice, applied late had to get away from home) so they cook the whole building 3 meals a day so it already comes out my rent so its not like you can turn that shit down, so yeah :im already on the Bronson prison food plan. It also means I can't exactly install a chin up bar :/
September 13, 2013 @ 05:48 PM

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Do the,m jailhouse workouts. Lifting yourown body weight

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The best way to get in shape is to have a good diet


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Location: 404 I've been using this routine,replace the swimming with running/cycling if you dont have access to a pool.
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Low carbs, high fiber/protein.. 1 month in and my balls can swing freely.

Don't badmind me.

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work on your diet, more water, less sugary drinks and if you can do NOTHING else and have no equipment at all, burpees burpees burpees, and running.
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a lot of people already said this but diet is like 50% of it. dont run 3 miles a day then go home and eat a bag of cheetos or drink a 2litter bottle of pepsi
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work on your diet, more water, less sugary drinks and if you can do NOTHING else and have no equipment at all, burpees burpees burpees, and running.
burpees ftw! 
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The best way to get in shape is to have a good diet
diet doesn't effect cardio / strength as much as working out selling black/white flyknits... look like yeezy!!!

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youre not frail as fuck if youre 189 pounds at 6'1 ....
September 13, 2013 @ 08:42 PM


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youre not frail as fuck if youre 189 pounds at 6'1 ....

- Tracy Jackson

September 13, 2013 @ 08:49 PM
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i got my buff build without gym . just push ups. theres a million kinds but just focus on a goal to do a 100 straight. I mostly used my own weight to build muscles on myself such as pull ups and so on. don't got no abs doe. tennis built my caves. idk much else besides that.

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cop a pull up/chin up bar. cheap and easy to set up.
This, combined with running, i lost 30 pounds in roughly 5 months, no change in my diet.
September 13, 2013 @ 10:43 PM

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gymnastic strength training
September 13, 2013 @ 10:58 PM


fap a lot

i mean like 5 times a day, 20 mins each session
September 13, 2013 @ 11:09 PM

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do 200 push ups a day. 200 sit ups. 100 pull ups. you'll be fucking swole

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