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Why'd you close the atheism thread but not this one?

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White supremacist thread? OP is a bitch in real life

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i wouldnt take it that far bruh

but EVERYONE like it or not has a little racist in them

btw-the most evil man of all time..................................

that sick mofo dracula
looking at his face makes me puke

honestly bro, ever since god (or if you dont believe in god)
ever since humans themselves existed this world has gone completely downhill
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Black Donald Trump

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America is the only western country thats so fixated on race, its crazy
wow thats so wrong its ridiculous
Nope, America is definitely more fixated with race

Your race relations are a total mess. Especially relative to other countries in the West.
Europe and other western nations have tons of race problems, arguably worse than in the US for the most part. racial incidents happen as regularly over there as they do here, i mean look at all the soccer riots and racist chants and people throwing bananas on the field, i can't imagine the backlash if that kind of thing happened at a major US sporting event.

if there is any truth to the statement that race is a bigger deal here, it is only because we are actually a lot more ethnically diverse compared to most "western" nations (excluding canada). simply put, the more diverse, the more racial incidents are bound to ensue. this is not to say that it is the minorities fault, its just logic. the western nations you speak of are actually some of the most homogenous in the world. maybe this is what you were trying to say, but it seemed like you were insinuating that we are actually more racist in the US, which is really not the case.

and they still have hotly debated immigration issues, much worse than in most of the US.

take the US vs UK for example:

UK: 91% white, no other ethnic group makes up more than 2% of the population, so obviously there is no strong voice for them speaking out about the injustices that without a doubt occur there all the time.

US: 72% white, 12% black(more than the entire minority percentage of UK), about 5% asian, and 16% hispanic(white/non-white) so obviously there are much larger minority groups that are able to make there injustices known, plus since it is the US, obviously anything that happens here is going to receive a lot of press.

i do agree that we have our problems no doubt, but i don't think we are any more racist than anywhere else in the world and certainly no more than most european or western nations
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jimmies were rustled with this thread, OP wins game of hypebeast and you all are losers

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jimmies were rustled with this thread, OP wins game of hypebeast and you all are losers
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America is the only western country thats so fixated on race, its crazy
Well there is a reason you know with that whole Africans being slaves thing...when you think about it was recent in the grand scheme of things...A lot of African Americans can hardly trace back there roots 


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