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August 7, 2013 @ 12:36 PM

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Join Date: Jul 2013

Location: Real nigha village

Boland is the reason I hate gay niggas idgaf bout no gay marriage now

That bitch my wifey and she ain't even know it

August 7, 2013 @ 12:38 PM

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Join Date: Jul 2013

Location: Real nigha village

Btw was boland actually the fat white ass? I never actually seen the end of the boland saga

That bitch my wifey and she ain't even know it

August 7, 2013 @ 01:10 PM

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Location: Miami

August 7, 2013 @ 01:43 PM

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Location: MI

charged was the best poster.  period.  

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August 7, 2013 @ 03:57 PM

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Location: Online

That was epic beyond words.suprised

"Real people ain't perfect. Perfect people ain't real."

August 7, 2013 @ 06:13 PM

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charged was the best poster.  period.  

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lol you really must love spectating

"Rap in 2012 is basically just a mad dash for people of EVERY human subset to be represented by a rapper." - damnwitless1

August 7, 2013 @ 06:13 PM

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Location: UK
ghost's laugh kills me everytime I hear it, muttley sounding ass

but Ape for best and PK for worst

hb weindis "No wonder drake makes love songs. Seeing all these 10's around toronto. damn. Just gained alot of dislike for my city."

August 7, 2013 @ 06:26 PM

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2013 summer fit battle champion buying 7.5 visvim kiefers eFLOW

August 7, 2013 @ 07:05 PM
Black Adam

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what ever happend to that mod revolver ocelot?

August 7, 2013 @ 07:19 PM
Don Francisco

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Location: In the tarp

D-styles made a thread about how he had a fake gf or something. Ocelot never responded.
Changed his name and everything.

Lemme tissue how to hansum.

August 7, 2013 @ 07:22 PM
Soul Rize

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Location: Houston

from my history with hb. ape put off topic on the map for daily visit.  but i though that man kris kay or something was pretty hilarious cuz everone wanted to fuck his sister. 

Cmon get down with a real nigga wussup

August 7, 2013 @ 07:31 PM


I'm probably the best troll tbh. My actions in the virtual world had an effect on members in the real world. I convinced other members to try prostate stimulation. 
August 7, 2013 @ 07:34 PM

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Join Date: Apr 2007 selling black/white flyknits... look like yeezy!!!

August 7, 2013 @ 07:47 PM


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Location: New England

Kickapop was underrated. 


I forgot this one dude's name, but the dude who had that crazy story about smashing his sister. 

guy on some broke bus. Love, Sosa. "Don't feed the trolls" initiative coming soon. We can rebuild.

August 7, 2013 @ 08:04 PM

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Location: California

Boland was a successful troll though


August 7, 2013 @ 08:09 PM
It's Only Hype

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 gold and sacks story about playing wit the dildo
August 7, 2013 @ 11:18 PM

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RIP Subprime
August 7, 2013 @ 11:43 PM

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August 8, 2013 @ 04:55 AM

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when will you fuckboi mods finally ip ban tracy?
August 8, 2013 @ 07:13 AM

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Best: aTTaq
so very trill

that was db tho lol


August 8, 2013 @ 07:08 PM

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Location: CANADA EH!

Info on said smashing sister story?

And boland was the best troll of all time

August 10, 2013 @ 09:13 PM
daytona squared

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Location: seattle

sportfreak was pretty hilarious but i dont think he was trolling 

no swag November

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