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first off ima try to keep it as short as possible but its long af and i have to fill you in on the details...

so i met this beautiful latina nurse at work(psycho ward at a hospital) months ago and we ended up working the night shift together the same week we first met. 
halfway through the night she spends like 2 hours in the medicine room and a patient came up to me and wanted some pills. as i go to the medicine room to tell her, i hear how she's crying over the phone talking to her bf or whatever. when she opens the door  i could tell she'd been crying and was still shook up. when she finally comes out she sits down by the computer next to where im browsing. as a co-worker and me trying to be a good person i ask her if she's ok and that she seems a bit shook up. she goes on to tell me she had just broken up or taken a break with her bf over the phone and i tried my best to comfort her appropriately..
she lives in sweden and dude lives in australia, they only see each other like 2 times a year when they're out traveling. and im like fuck "uhm try to make it work" with no intention of trying to suave my way into the whole situation.

we end up becoming really good friends, she shows me dope spots around town, helps me out A LOT at work, i teach her some photography stuff since she was into that shit too. like i said i never had a clear intention of getting with her and never showed any signs of it either. we just hung out... plus i never really thought i had a shot with her since im about to turn 23 and she's 29.  

 she gets back with her bf and goes to brazil for like a month with the dude. she comes back and we hang out as usual, shoot shit and chill. im still as neutral as i have been the whole time. i had been bagging a few girls during the time so i was never sweating the whole situation with specifically her nahmean...
during this whole time she's told me multiple times like come by my place someday and im like whatever, i'll come by someday. she lives on the other side of town so i was just being lazy...
this past week she nagged about it over the phone so we plan out a day to chill at her place, get some food and a couple brews. we end up doing that and watch hangover 3 and she starts getting a bit closer but i was still cooling.. we corked up 2 bottles of wine. now she's really getting really close and we get into discussions about relationships and get to know each other on another level you know. she ends up telling me she's very attracted to me. we spent the whole night chilling, cuddling but we never actually kissed. everytime she got like half an inch from my lips she went I CANT.... so i spend the night, nothing happens we just cuddle in the couch but in a more sensual way. it was weird yo. the day after i jet to work and we text during the day. she texts me that she had told her bf about everything and was feeling very confused.

i end up going to her place like 2 days in a row and we just talk and chill like the other day. she was too afraid to do anything dramatic and is still feeling confused over the whole situation. so i'm in the tube on my way home and she texts me: he's going to pm you on facebook. the following second i get this pm from her dude telling me to back off and get my own girlfriend. and that i don't respect him nor their relationship.. come to find out this muthafucka cheated on her and that's why they broke up in the first place... i reply that nothing serious happened and that i respect their relationship, like fuck this nahmean...

we keep hanging out and yesterday she dropped the bomb.. he told her he's flying out here in the coming weeks and will stay here until she gives him an answer; if she wants to stay together or move on. now during these past 2 weeks we've been hanging out intensely and i kinda caught minor feelings for some reason, after she opened up. and the feeling is mutual. but she still doesn't know if she can break it off with the australian dude just like that. 

excuse the novel but i don't know what to do. this girl is amazing looks and personality wise. i had dinner with her a few hours ago and she really wants to hang out all the time. now i don't know if she wants me to fill in some sort of void without anything actually happening between us, so i'm questioning if i should just let it go or try to "win" her heart (that was corny af..) 


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y cant niggas put their shit in paragraphs, like fuck u man.
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absurdly L, defintely DR
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absurdly L, defintely DR


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i see you released another harry potter novel jk rowling
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yo, i actually read it.

Wait until something happens between her and the bf. If she breaks up with him, go for here, but if she stays with him, just let her go. You only caught minor feelings, so it shouldn't be THAT hard.
Hold off for now, and just wait to see what her decision is.
June 16, 2013 @ 02:15 AM
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There's no way I'm going to look at that. I high schooled it and all I to say is that if you truly have to ask yourself whether it's worth it or not then it's probably not worth it. And even if it broke off into something between you two, expect that ex-boyfriend to still be in the picture somehow young blood.


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i read this shit
but op, you ever thought that she might've used you as a way to get back at her man?
id say lay low for now, & if she's still provoking it, then get emmmm
June 16, 2013 @ 03:56 AM

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even if it broke off into something between you two, expect that ex-boyfriend to still be in the picture somehow young blood.
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i didn't read. because if you have to type that much to explain a situation then the bitch definitely isn't worth it.
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just say its either him or me. if she chooses him, then just be like whatever,
June 16, 2013 @ 05:51 AM

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Hit and miss I don't see a stable relationship in the future

The fuck you looking at....

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A wall of texts and not one picture?

Son, I am disappoint.

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Too long didn't read. just go for it, YOLO

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i read it. i'd go for it if she decides to lose the bf. But trust fam, she's gonna pick him in these 2 weeks that he's here as emotional women always stick to their bad habits

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or you could of course beat him up and steal his girl coolcoolcool

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Lol op didn't even bother posting pics
Epic fail


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Wait it out cause she don't seem the most stable in terms of her ties. Like someone else said you got minor feelings, don't put in more effort than you need.
June 16, 2013 @ 06:22 PM

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ima still hang out with her but im not gonna make any moves.. i don't think she's using me to get back at him. i basically caught her interest but i have a feeling she doubts it because of the age difference.. we'll se how this pans out. its not like i can't get laid but i rarely catch feelings at all and she's great so... thanks to those who read, sorry about the long ass post.. and no im not gonna post ANY pics. Oh and the bf legit looks like a crocodile dundee, might have to assemble the crew if he flies out.


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man you basically get offered free pussy (by a chick you actually like) and you're thinking about turning it down?

weak af
June 16, 2013 @ 07:51 PM

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man you basically get offered free pussy (by a chick you actually like) and you're thinking about turning it down?

weak af
free pussy with massive strings attached

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naw i red that shit and i know ur feel. best thing for u to do is encourage the break up. fk second chances my nigga get yours.

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Just cum in her mouth dude
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too long didn't read but just do it faggot

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tracy knows all
but seriously though
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Yall actually missed out cause it was pretty well written

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