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Attempt #2 Using an Atlas I forgot I owned

Round 1: I get started & I see a New Zealand flag. I then see the Waiku Museum & a street sign that says King Street. I find Waiku on the map, I then find King street & get 0.006 km away

Round 2: I'm by some random ass gas station. I do a 360 view & I only see white people in shorts. At first I think Southwest America but I see an Australian Flag. I see the name Northampton so I check my atlas. I go through Western Australia & I use a streetsign I saw earlier in my voyage to mark the spot. Luckily there are like 8 streets in the town so it's easy. 0.147 KM away

Round 3: I get dropped off in some type of mountainous foresty type valley. Pine trees everywhere. The road is full of low ass fog to the south but not shit to the north. I'm not a professional or anything so Ion know what the fuck that means. I look over the trees & I just see a mountain full of more trees. I go down a few miles & Ion see a damn thing. It's looking like a spot someone would get raped & murdered at. At this point I believe it is Northern California. I see a dude driving & I think he was white but I only saw a hand. He had a barbeque & a generator. I see some rocks & shit on the ground that might be indigenous to some spot but I'm not a fucking geologist. I grow bored of this spot so I just hit somewhere in Oregon & the shit ended up being in Calgary, Canada. I end up far as fuck away but not that far.

Round 4: I'm on a beach. There is a little white girl on a bike with no adult nearby so I'm guessing it's America. I see this PAWG & directly above her is a sign. Shit automatically makes me think it's in Australia or New Zealand cause I been there all fucking day. I see some signs & I verify that it is in New Zealand. I also get the name of a city & a street. I work my magic & I'm there & the spot 0.034 KM away

Round 5: I start on a road, I do my 360 & I peep a lighthouse. There is some random nigga parked just looking at the view. I'm thinking it's in the UK at this point. I go down the road bout a half mile & I see some dude who either has his car broken down or is going to jump into the water. I go back to see but a sign catches my eyes. Google didn't use HD cams so I can't read it. I then see a stop sign & I can confirm it's not a US sign, but it is English so I can eliminate a lot of countries. I have nothing else to go by so I begin my trip down the road. Tbh niggas was peeping the scenery. Shit was beautiful my nigga. I see like 3 houses that looked like the niggas from the Mayflower come through. I see another beach but beyond it is a city. There is a direct route & a scenic route. I took the Scenic route tbh. I see a sign that indicates that I'm in Spain. I do my thang & I end up 0.025 KM away.

Final Score is 28,055 using only an atlas & deductive reasoning.

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I got an easy one from Scotland... it said Scotland in a bank or something 

I always get 2-3 fucking roads, how the fuck am I suppose to guess?

I got a desert, I thought that shit was somewhere in New Mexico or something but it ends up being in fucking Australia - DStyles23 Xbox Live GT: DStyles23

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lol so random but fun as fuck
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1st game I got 10k

One of the rounds was a gimme, i got a big ass sign that said something bout alaska so i go pretty close bc

Another one dropped literally in the middle of nowhere. It looked all safari and shit and I saw a black dude and figured South Africa and got pretty close

Another time was the same thing but there was cows so i just assumed Oklahoma. It was Canada. 

I forget the rest but this game is pretty sick. 2nd game was even worse but got 8k.


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They cheated me with the canada one, they had a interstate thats in the UK that I seen when I use to play euro truck simulator, and I fucked up on the first one, i didnt zoom in I just clicked near south america lol


yall niggas cheating
yall not suppose to be using extra curricular shit
I got 9k tho
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just beat the game
June 6, 2013 @ 06:41 AM
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Damn you guys doin extra homework I was all impressed with my 10k but lemme see if I can up my shit with some research. 30k mother fucker what kind of research techniques do you use very nice accuracy.

It is hard as fuck when you get dropped in a random no-where location, like theres mad places in the world with similar features due to climate and similar geographic history that could be 6000 miles apart. The Russian ones stay being easy as fuck doe. I'm not even tryna post my shit until I up it.

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