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I've read all your posts and I really appreciate yall giving tips and input. I don't plan on starving myself anytime soon haha. I went to the market today and bought some fruits, vegetables, some mixed nuts for snacking, and high fiber whole grain bread for lunch sandwiches. I'm going to do the smaller portions throughout the day. Also for now, I'm going to do early morning jogs around the block for starters and then work my way up to different exercises for mid-day workout. 

Again, thank you all for helping me out with this. I'm going to post my weight (loss) results every Monday morning. Stick with my yall... ya boy WILL SUCCEED! 
Dude, save your knees and bike instead - either an actual bike or exercycle will do, but to be frank you're a big guy and when we run 7x our body weight in force is transferred through our knee joints so I wouldn't be looking to run for cardio if I were you.
April 23, 2013 @ 05:50 AM

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do some sets with the jumping rope.

that shit tires you out quickly, but it's also fun as hell once you get the hang of it

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Go on a juicing diet. Watch this documentary on netflix calles "Fat, Sick, and Nearly dead" to understand what it is and how it works

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Go to a spa or a very humid enclosed area , Put on 2 sets of clothing . 2 t-shirts , 2 hoodies ( CLOSE THE HOODS tight as possible with drawstrings ) , 1 pair of Boxers , 2 Pair of Sweat pants ( Not that track jacket/pants stuff ) , and Lace them shoes up tight breh . Simply jog around, add in exercises like push-ups , sit-ups , and jumping rope 
I GUARANTEE this is the fastest way to lose weight , you'll sweat so much off you won't believe it. I lose 8 or more pounds easy in less than an hour from doing this . I'm naturally 170 or 175 lbs but I wrestle at 160 so I know how to cut breh breh . Eat lean meats like turkey or grilled chicken . Should be eating more fruits than anything though. Drink water fuck that other shit . 
When you take a break sit down but keep moving back and forth like this ( Without the head dive part ) . Good luck 

Good Vibes .

July 23, 2013 @ 04:55 AM
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 I took 10 kilos from these last year and as you I was desperate. I try everything, all diet program, sport but I never lose more than 2 kilos. They came back so quickly. 

 That was until I discover a new healthy product.  The healthy ingredient inside help me a lot. 

 I lose 12 kilos in 3 months without change any of my behaviors. 
 For sure I continue to take care of my diet.
 I m not her to make any advertising but to explain that we always can find something working for yourself.

 I hope you will find your way to lose your excess weigh and I wish you a good continuation.  
 Ps: sorry for my english(.
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put the damn honey buns down
July 23, 2013 @ 05:08 AM
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Try intermittent fasting that shit works wonders
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eat a light snack before you sleep, allows your metabolism to work throughout the night and burn calories while you sleep
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eat clen tren hard

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