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We believe there is a major problem in this country: Party school rankings are, at their very core, flawed.

Princeton Review has a list, Playboy has a list, Newsweek has a list, College Prowler has a list, Fiesta Frog has a list.
Dozens of no-name college-themed blogs have lists. A student may toast
his university's inclusion on these lists, and a college administrator
may cringes when his academic institution makes one. (Even more so if
his school is at the top.)

But.... As viral as these college party school rankings are, each one
is subjective and never seems to define the clear-cut criteria for how
it ranks each school. Princeton Review bases its "Top Twenty Party
Schools" list on "a combination of survey questions concerning the use
of alcohol and drugs, hours of study each day, and the popularity of the
Greek system." How many average college students have actually filled
out a Princeton Review survey? Why does Indiana's tiny DePauw
University, with 2,400 students, make it every year, when much bigger
schools with bigger partying reputations—JMU, LSU, UDel, and WSU—do not?

Playboy's Party School ranking, though typically taken seriously
amongst a student body's partying public, is a relatively new trend,
only existing annually since 2009. Previously, the magazine had only
ranked party schools in 2006, 2002, and 1987, when CSU Chico topped the
list. It's been more of a newstand event for Playboy, presumably with
the selections handpicked by editors based on Playboy's projection of a
lifestyle. No wonder Hef's school selections tend to be from warmer
climates where scantifly clad coed bodies are the norm. We're looking at
you, ASU and FSU.

Meanwhile, party school arbiter up-and-comers, including Newsweek,
College Prowler, Fiesta Frog, and I'm Shmacked throw their hat in the
ring to further muddle the mess. 

How can we cut through the madness to establish a true, reigning party school ranking?

We have solution: A BCS system. 

In an effort to properly define who truly goes the hardest,
we've created the BroBible Party School Index. Partying at many colleges
and universities is typically embedded deep within a school's cultural
DNA. It's not just based on one raging kegger or a few tailgates during
football season in the fall. So think of the BroBible Party School Index
as a thermometer for gauging and ranking a college's party school
reputation over the last 10 years, if not longer.

Key word: Reputation. That's what the BroBible Party School Index is intended to measure.

Here is the formula for how we created each school's score:

We took the schools on Princeton Review's Top 20 Party Schools list
since 2002 and applied a weight for where each school fell on the list
over the last 12 rankings. A #20 ranking = 1 point. A #1 = 20 points.
2002's edition was the oldest one we could find. 
We applied the same weight to Newsweek's 2012 and 2011 Top 25 Party School Rankings. #25 ranking = 1. #1 ranking = 25 points.
We also applied the same weight to Playboy's list, although, in some
years, Playboy released the ranking as a Top 25 (2006, 2002, 1987),
other years as a Top 20 (2011, 2012), and other years as a Top 10 (2009,
2006). To keep the weight accurate for all Playboy schools, we made Top
10 years #10 = 10 points, #1 = 20 points.
Each school on Fiesta Frog's Top 100 Party Schools list recieved .05 points depending on its position on the list. 
Each I'm Shmacked school received 5 points simply for being an I'm Shmacked school. 
Because it's a given that schools with successful football and
basketball teams (and, thus, a sports culture in general) tend to party
harder than most (..something about all those tailgates), we've included
a weight for sports. A school received 5 points for going to a BCS Game
from the 2001/2002 season through the 2011/2012 season, 10 points for
winning a BCS Game, 10 points for going to BCS Championship, and 20
points for winning a BCS Championship. College hoops schools were
weighted lower: 5 points for going to a NCAA Tournament Championship
since 2002. 10 points for winning.
Finally, each of BroBible's five full-time editors blindly ranked
their Top 10 party schools based on general partying reputation (as
college bloggers, we see a lot of what you're up to out there) and
personal experience (we've lived it, Bros). The schools were weighted
#10 = 1 point, #1 = 10 points.
Then we simply added up the score for all 164 schools to come up with a BroBible's unique Party School Index. 

Now that we've explained our methodology, we imagine some of you will
have your disagreements with where your school fell on our index. Or its
omission, since we know many of you rep. hard. But we believe our
ranking of top party schools is the best we can do—besides going to
every single campus in the country and counting empty beer cans on
Sunday mornings. 

So where did your school fall?


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#41 razz that shit is weak. tbh the only thing holding my school back from being top 20 is the weather

I can attest that the dunes are the spot though


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#13 cool

10 char
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OU Baby it's wild out hereee

Good Vibes .

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ECU #38. cool
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#12 IU! Google "greatest college weekend" we in dis
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OSU #15 and OU #8 cool


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Not even on there, but not surprised. The MSU party scene kinda blows.

IG: @JStrathern

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Alabama #17? Blasphemy
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list made me want to go to florida even more
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*stops doing senior thesis. goes to buy alcohol.


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OSU #15 and OU #8
#2 and #9

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Florida State Seminole

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#3 fuck yeah UT

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OU Baby it's wild out hereee
joe pro
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Alumnus of #1.... WVU > you
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#36 University of Maryland i attended for 2 years.  finished at Temple University last fall.  nothing really special about the party scene at UMD...it was like any other college...

i also have the ability to comment on #1 WVU because I have partied there quite a few times.  again...nothing incredibly special about the experience there.  many MANY WVU students ended up failing out.  theres nothing distinctly unique about WVU ahead of any other school I partied at.  it was an easy school to get into, so it tends to attract the less than gifted students.  out of the kids i knew, if you were smart, and you got in, you went to UMD.  if you were less than 3.3, maybe 3.2 down to a 2.4, 2.5 maybe but still college bound, you went to WVU, or somewhere else shitty.  it's massively redneck there, it's in the middle of nowhere, Morgantown is a po-dunk shit town besides the university, so it makes for a good party environment, plus there is lots of fun outdoor shit to do.  canoeing, white water rafting, outdoor stuff.  good football culture.  

in general, it's not about going to a "party school"...it's about what you make of your time there.  if you're awkward and shy, or you don't value getting drunk, then your experience at parties is going to be different than binge drinkers.  the thing in common about these schools is that they are big state schools, so in general the experience is going to be about the same.  lots of bodies, lots of babes, tons of parties, lots of choices, fun sporting events and again, it's what you make of it.  

Fucktard we been developed a ratio

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