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I like this guy. He's a freshman in the university. I always notice him whenever he passes by the blue chairs where I and my friends usually hangout. My friends like him too. One time, when he was walking by the lobby, I approached him and asked for his name. He smiled and handed me his ID card. There I knew him. I started to like him so much. There was this moment when I called him up. He looked at me but my friends laughed. I guess he was embarrassed. I decided to write him a letter. I even made him a doodle that night not even minding having a comprehensive exam in one of my major subjects the following day. That morning, I saw him. I ran toward him to hand the letter. He stared at me, smiled, but said NO. Then I somewhat begged saying "please take this." He nodded, took the letter, and walked away. That was the last time I saw him in the campus. I was hurt. Maybe life isn't really like the series or movies I've watched before. Life ain't easy. But I don't care if his absence means rejection. At least I was able to confess. sad
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man there are kids dying in africa and you post this gay shit

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so youre pretending to be a girl on the internet AND youre gay?
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wignersfriend won

He's cute? I bet he ain't #Hansum

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I hope your friends and family know you pretend to be a girl on the internet

be careful what you pretend to be

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OP pretends to be a girl and browses K-POP forums...How the fuck did you even find these forums forreala, weak ass nigga. 
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So we finally have evidence she (he) is fake... suprise, suprise... Real talk doe the fuck does a male get out of posing as a female on a male dominated forum?! #SUS
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can't beleive this dude still makes topics lmao
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"Coruage" lol
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did not read a single word
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add babyxgurl to the hb graveyard

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1973 tha Kami

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