Andre Luther King Exposed

March 26, 2013 @ 19:22:45
^actin like shia lebouf aint #hansum
March 26, 2013 @ 21:14:16
damn andre you aint got to show face
just post tagged pic of your hand to see what race you are bruh
to either confirm or invalidate allegations

taste the glamour

March 27, 2013 @ 00:13:20
or maybe thats really him


March 27, 2013 @ 00:27:40
My finger is clearly visible on the picture of my mail. No matter what
who ever is dumb enough to believe that is me will believe that it is
me. I just don't care enough to try to disprove anyone.

Also SpecialForever has actually seen my face which is why he posted

thats not my boy andre. andre hansum as fuck u jealous faggot

Chicks barely dancin, glancin every chance they get, like - oh shit, he's so HANSUM | Add me on Steam: AndreLutherKing

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