March 05, 2013 @ 17:37:03

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March 05, 2013 @ 17:39:29
frist post. tybg

edit : second

Cmon get down with a real nigga wussup

March 05, 2013 @ 17:41:19
Drake probably thought that would be him that street cred. He doesn't realize that it actually made him look worse.

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March 05, 2013 @ 17:44:40
this got a thread
damn i wish i was worried about other nighas lifes instead of my own
March 05, 2013 @ 17:47:02

So inspirational 

Hansum + Based = Perfection

March 05, 2013 @ 17:48:06
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Drake the type of nigga that would hand a stripper a neatly folded dollar with a note inside of it that says, "you don't have to do this."

He's cute? I bet he ain't #Hansum

March 05, 2013 @ 17:58:31
March 05, 2013 @ 18:01:56
but yall gone act like ymcmb aint full of fukk nighas

and craig that jokes older than tygas son
March 05, 2013 @ 18:07:52
dead as shit lolllll

Hansum + Based = Perfection

March 05, 2013 @ 18:08:03
I cant hate, specially if most of us had the money he has.
March 05, 2013 @ 19:22:28
one of those strippers are going to get a papercut from those fresh ass bills and transmit an std.

est. mcmxcii

March 05, 2013 @ 21:10:52
tygas girlfriend is so damn ugly smh
March 05, 2013 @ 21:16:22
tygas girlfriend is so damn ugly smh
I have been saying this for the longest time.

She phat as shit though
March 06, 2013 @ 00:05:45
hes throwing ones,most ppl on this site could afford to do that honestly

drake just your typical jew boi stinge

everyone throws one. u ever been to a strip club before?

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March 06, 2013 @ 02:16:45
tygas girlfriend is so damn ugly smh
yeah real talk that bitch reminds me of...


March 06, 2013 @ 02:19:46
daisy duck looks better than her
March 06, 2013 @ 04:44:36
he only throwin 1s? i thought he was ballin smh
March 06, 2013 @ 07:02:24
this .gif would be way more clownin if he had tears coming down his face hahaha can somebody edit this shit?
March 06, 2013 @ 08:13:38
damn, why does everybody in the club look so bored tho?

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March 06, 2013 @ 15:07:06
did y'all peep dude standing on the couch in the 6th pic tho

March 06, 2013 @ 18:12:52

sultry simone in the cut 
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