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March 5, 2013 @ 09:44 AM
nat turner

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Would you smash a girl your friend dated or had something with? IG: thevictoryspeech

March 5, 2013 @ 10:36 AM

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yea but i would not get into a serious relationship with her otherwise it would make your friendship awkward.  basically keep it at a level where you both could make fun of her and stay cool.
March 5, 2013 @ 02:15 PM

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^Hit the nail on the head. If yall can both roast her then it is okay. But if one dude is catching feelings or something then don't do it. IF YOU HAVE A FFFOUND.COM INVITE MSG ME

March 5, 2013 @ 02:26 PM

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You gotta tell her nigga about it. You can't just smash that girl then try to joke with him about it. You gotta be like "A bro you still got feelings for O girl?"
March 5, 2013 @ 02:48 PM

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Me and my boys established a rule that we can at all times choose 1 girl that the rest of us cant slay. The other ex hoes are fair game or we are gonna run out of bitches
March 5, 2013 @ 03:11 PM

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you dont get pussy pantic

but same shit bros before hoes basically
unless my nigga catch feeling everything is fair game
March 5, 2013 @ 04:19 PM

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personally wouldn't unless they weren't very serious in the first place or its been a long long ass time since they broke up.

One time I asked my homie if he'd give a shit if i hooked up with this chick he'd been broken up with for awhile, he was like nah of course not, I did, and we had a major problem. Not worth it. Now theyre back together and its fuckin awkward when he brings her around.
March 5, 2013 @ 04:25 PM

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I would....RUTHLESS 
I Flex 36 Bitches

Hansum + Based = Perfection

March 5, 2013 @ 04:46 PM
Soul Rize

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wouldnt stop me just don't make it a big deal . get it in  .. get out   . i an't no worries

Cmon get down with a real nigga wussup

March 5, 2013 @ 04:48 PM

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that shit grimey breh

He's cute? I bet he ain't #Hansum

March 5, 2013 @ 06:13 PM

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If its not his wifey or former wifey then she's up for grabs. If you wanted to keep her you shouldnt of introduced me.
March 5, 2013 @ 06:24 PM

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March 5, 2013 @ 06:48 PM


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im not gonna lie one time my friend was going out with this girl whom i've known before they started dating but we were kinda semi cool but keep in mind we had a two year age difference so i would never really be flirting excessively like she would with.
fastforward: anyways they went out for a year they broke up two summers ago  or some shit she was a dumb bitch and he obviously had feelings for her but he got over her, snatched her vcard and she was kinda those simpy girls that post dumb shit on FB ja feel? that wont leave you alone  after you break up with lol. we were at a party once my boy was in colorado and his ex was there. she was kinda hammered i was slowly drinking my lokos and shit etc and she was all up on me and i kinda just went with it and hooked up that night holding hands kissing etc.

eventually word got to my homie but we just laughed it off i dont think he caught feelings but im sure at first he was like wtf? we dont bring it up but we also dont pretend it never happened. but i guess it depends on your friendship 


March 5, 2013 @ 07:00 PM
Gli x Azzurri

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Currently doing this tbh.
March 5, 2013 @ 09:50 PM

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tunnel buddies
March 6, 2013 @ 01:28 AM

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Not if he got feelings for her. Too many women in the world to trip over one

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March 6, 2013 @ 04:36 AM
nat turner

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Aight thanks hb. I moved here and everybody is new to me. But he been with her. Idk how serious it was but I was askin what he know about her and was tellin me how she act. He ain't say nothin was wrong with goin for her tho... IG: thevictoryspeech

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